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Trouble with wpg_docload.download_file - Donwload Files - Oracle Web App

Update:11-30Source: network consolidation
i appreciate too much for everyone who can help me.
I've got a ERROR with my Oracle Web App. When i type the URL "" in my browser, got this error:
Estado de Descarga
Descarga del archivo falló. ORA-01403: no data found. ORA-01403: no data found
And the code that generates this error is:
  lv_FilePath VARCHAR2(32000); lv_FileName VARCHAR2(32000);
lv_FilePath := SUBSTR(owa_util.get_cgi_env('PATH_INFO'),2);
SELECT name INTO lv_FileName FROM table_file WHERE UPPER(name) like UPPER(lv_FilePath); wpg_docload.download_file(lv_FileName);
HTP.htmlopen; HTP.headopen; HTP.title('Archivo Descargado'); HTP.headclose; HTP.bodyopen; HTP.header(1, 'Estado de Descarga'); HTP.print('Descarga del archivo ' || lv_filePath || ' falló.'); HTP.print(SQLERRM); HTP.bodyclose; HTP.htmlclose;
The problem is that Error shows too much information in the Error. LEP_DESCARGA_ARCHIVO is important for another process in my site. Where do i have to configure in Oracle in order to this Error does not appear??? I mean i do not want to get this Error if i type the URL: Error: Descarga del archivo servlets/index.html falló. ORA-01403: no data found
h t t p s : / / m y d o m a i n . c o m / p l s / d o c s / Error: Descarga del archivo falló. ORA-01403: no data found
h t t p s : / / m y d o m a i n . c o m / p l s /d o c s / s e r v l e t s/ Error: Descarga del archivo servlets/ falló. ORA-01403: no data found
Thanks for people who can help me!!!

The Best Answer

Hello Peter,
I'm not sure whether this is a listener related problem, but we should try to find out.
I have examples where a temporary blob is created first before the content is passed to WPG_DOCLOAD, which produce a working download on the APEX Listener.
So I don't think the problem concerns WPG_DOCLOAD but the way you handle your blob, or to be precise, your BFILE.
What comes to my mind first: Don't you need to open that file? When I use DMBS_LOB.LOADBLOBFROMFILE, I guess this is done somewhere inside that routine, but for other kinds of bfile access, there is DBMS_LOB.FILEOPEN.
When thinking of that part: If I'm not completely wrong, there is a difference in which db user is acutally executing, or in other words, on whose behalf your code is executed, when you create a temporary blob first and forward it to wpg_docload or have wpg_docload do the file access. The Null Pointer Exception may result from either the file not being existent or not accessible for the db user executing the code. In case of wpg_docload accessing the file, perhaps the user you configured your APEX Listener to connect with needs additional grants for that file access.
Just a thought. It should be easy to test the same scenario with using a temporary file on APEX Listener to see if that works and start debugging from there.
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