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Trouble with App Folder

Update:11-30Source: network consolidation
Hi, i've got some trouble with my app folder on my macbook pro mid-2012. The app folder doesn't seem to be recognized as the App Folder. In the dock the icon of the folder is just a ordinary blue folder (without the "A" symbol on it). And it's exactly the same in the sidebar in the Finder, it's not the "A" but a standard folder icon. But the thing is that the Launchpad doesn't recognize the App Folder anymore. If i add an app in the folder, it doesn't show up in the Launchpad. Same if i delete an app, it doesn't disappear in the Launchpad.
Everything worked great when i bought the mac. And few months after, without any reason, it started messing around.
I was using OS X Lion at this time, and with every updates, it didn't get better. I'm now running OS X Yosemite Beta and the problem fixed by itself when i updated from Yosemite Beta 1 to Beta 2. But it went back after a reboot.
I don't know if i'm clear enough but if someone knows how to bring back the original behavior of the App Folder it would be awesome.
PS: sorry for my english i'm french

The Best Answer

Did you try the disk utility? :
Using Disk Utility to verify or repair disks
By the way, you should post this in the Yosemite Beta forums...