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Tricky decision: iPhone vs. new computer for travel?

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Hey all!
I'm about to go on a three month trip through Latin America (Brazil and Buenos Aires). I am currently using an aged, beat to **** Powerbook that definitely won't accompany me on the journey.
I wanted to get the amazing iPhone, especially for its GPS and voice recording, but I don't believe the AT+T contract they rope you in for will work in Latin America, so that would be a huge waste of money for three months. I could alternately bring my little sisters' old and similarly aged iBook 12", but the thing doesn't run well and I'd hate to be hauling it around all over the place. Or I could go nuts and get an Air, since I need a laptop replacement anyway.
It seems above all that I should just get a Touch, and use it for email, etc. I was disappointed to hear that even using a USB converter, you can't plug a keyboard into it for typing. Is this true? Also, an ever important feature I'm looking for is a voice recorder, and I'm dubious as to whether the Touch can do this. Nevertheless, should I just get a Touch and call it a party?
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If your main requirements are email and a voice recorder, you should be able to use a Touch for that. With the 2.0 Touch software, you can get onto the App Store and buy one of the voice recorder apps offered there.
Note that the Touch will only get onto the net over WiFi, so you'll have to find a web cafe or similar with WiFi access.