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Transfer PO Header text to backend

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I have a requirement where the header text for PO needs to be transfered to backend.
I have written the code in BBP ECS OUT badi. i have picked up the text and text id from BBP PO GET DETAIL function module and passed it to the ct_bapi_poheader_text parameter in the BADi.
When i check in ME23n i donot see the description.
I am in SRM 5.0. Can you please guide me on this. I have checked the threads here but none of them were of real help.
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The Best Answer

Hi Kariya,
I think you can use this BAdi: ME_PROCESS_PO_CUST - Enhance Processing of Enjoy Purchase Order.
Use the method FIELDSELECTION_ITEM to "GET_DATA" / "SET_DATA" in the following available parameters:
- IM_HEADER - Document header
- IM_ITEM - Document item