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Toshiba Power saver may be the problem

Update:10-11Source: network consolidation
My Satellite A665-S6050 has had all of the symptoms you read about in these forums;
crash, freeze, hung, locked, BSOD, Windows crash errors, etc.
  I bought the laptop new a couple years ago and both love it and hate it when it exhibits
its freezing behavior. This is the intel I-3, 4 GB ram, Windows 7(64 bit) version. Really nice
when it's running normally.
  I have watched and read through hundreds of posts throughout these forums since my purchase.
I have never sent the laptop back to Toshiba. Primarily because I've been able to force power off
then on, go to safe mode, schedule a disk scan on the next power up, reboots normally and I'm good
for who knows how long.
  Following suggestions you can read in these forums, I have upgraded the Intel HD graphics display driver.
I install Windows updates every time they come available(auto update is enabled). I've updated the
Toshiba bios. I've updated Firefox every time it is available(my favorite browser). Updated java and
flash(again automatic updates). Some user settings that I've changed; I've disabled sleep mode(set it
to 'never' under 'advanced power settings) in every power scheme I have. I only use 'High Performance'
power scheme(plan). I have the setting for turning off the hard drive set to 'never'. My rational for doing
this is there is just too much going on under Windows 7, all the time. You never know what's running in the
background. Many times as the laptop freezes and or Windows tries it's best to recover, I get a strong feeling
that the hard drive has shut off! Especially, when Windows is trying to save a dump but can't because it can't
access hd0(hard drive)(I have to force power cycle off/on to recover).
  This brings me to my current state of this troubleshooting saga. The last time the laptop froze, I was watching
streaming video in one Firefox window and had a slide show playing in another Firefox window(2 windows, not
2 tabs). Then in the lower right corner I get the Toshiba power saver notification that it is shutting down the
optical drive. It goes away on it's own in about 10 seconds. But immediately everything gets real slow until every
freezes. Windows tries to save a dump but can't. Windows tries to reboot itself but can't. Shows me a screen to
modify the boot list because the hd0 is not available. So, as so many times before I have to hold the power
button down for force power off. Wait a few, then power on, do my thing with safe mode, check disk, etc.
Power up and boots normally. Runs great for who knows how long. Right now as I type this, I have a audio CD
in my optical drive with Windows Media player set to 'replay' continuously. This I hope will prevent the 'Toshiba
power saver' from getting triggered because the optical drive is not idle and therefore won't shut off the hard
drive too! I have no idea how I can prove that 'Toshiba Power saver' is causing these freezes, crashes, lock ups,
etc. But at least if I can keep the optical drive in use and therefore prevent the 'power saver' from kicking in
maybe I can eliminate that as a possible cause of the freezes.
  I am really disappointed to read so many Toshiba owners sending their computers to Toshiba service
hoping and praying for resolution but getting no satisfaction in the end. I love my Toshiba and I'll keep it.
I am a recreational user. Don't need to save power. When I use my computer, I want it to function as
powerful as possible until I intentionally perform a normal Windows shutdown.
  My employer supplies me with a laptop (different brand). It has Intel I-5 chip, 3 GB ram Win XP Pro..
I run that computer full speed 9 -10 hours a day and I may have to reboot maybe once every other week.
Not bad considering the abuse I put it through. I would hate to have to rely on this Toshiba for work. I
don't think it could stay fully operational for that period of time.
  Please Toshiba, tell me how I can help with the troubleshooting of this seriously pervasive problem on
so many of your computers. Is there an event log I can provide? Windows dump files(when they do get
saved)?  Help me help you resolve this problem and satisfy hundreds of your customers.
Thank you in advance for your time.

The Best Answer

  It happened again this afternoon. This is the first time my system froze since the last time
I reported here in the forum. And just like I reported earlier, Toshiba Power Saver turned off
the optical drive power, I saw the pop-up in the lower right corner to notify me of the event.
I had Toshiba 'PC Health Monitor' running and minimized. I clicked on the icon to restore it
to the desktop. It displayed as expected. The hard drive graphic looked normal and spinning
as usual. I clicked on the graphic of the spinning hard drive and expected 'Power Options' to
display. Instead my desktop went away(all icons, system tray, system notification area, launch
pad, etc), everything gone. The graphic of the spinning hard drive stopped spinning. I tried a
CTL+ALT+DEL and got a new pop-up from Windows that it couldn't respond and I had 2 options;
press ESC or hold the power button down to force power and a shutdown. Which is what I eventually
  Powered up, went to safe mode, scheduled disk check on the next restart. Disk check runs and
finds no problem. System runs normally again.
  As far as finding these events in the Windows logs using 'Event viewer', is not going to help.
I know exactly what time this all took place. I just can't find any event log showing that it took
place. There's a small gap in the time stamps just before the event until a few minutes after the
event. Then I see a mixture of 'errors' and 'information' events after the power on and restart
but nothing specifically addressing the hard drive before the restart.
I see an event log; "Previous shutdown was not expected". I'm sure that's not what your asking
to see.  I don't know if it would be possible to trace the 'Toshiba Power Saver' but that may be
the only way I could prove my point that it is shutting off power to both the optical drive and
the hard drive at the same time.
Is there a way to disable or remove Toshiba Power Saver without causing a more serious problem?
Thank you in advance for your time and expertise.
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