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Tool to view CIP4 metadata in PDF

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Dear All,
Is there any tool available that can show the CIP4 metadata written to a PDF document.
Using the PDFVT InDesign sample plug-in I had written the metadata to a PDF file. I had followed the instructions given in the InDesign CHM help file to create the PDF with CIP4 metadata.
I had opened the PDF in Acrobat Professional 9, but did not find the metadata.
Is there any tool to view the metadata?

The Best Answer

I did a Google search and found this thread from about a year ago:
It looks like there is no support within InDesign (and probably Acrobat) beyond supporting PDF/VT files. Presumably you got the plug-in you're referring to from some third party company. You would need to contact them about metadata they might have added to the PDF file.