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Tomcat with Apache

Update:12-10Source: network consolidation
I have followed the tutorial on this website to configure tomcat to connect with Apache.
I am on a CENTOS 5 system.
Apache was already installed and serving three web sites without problems.
I wanted to add the ability to work with .jsp files and others.
I loaded Tomcat with incident and it is running.
I also loaded mod_jk to connect the two as directed by the tutorial.
However, I cannot access a .jsp file unless I add the port number 8080 in the location bar along with the url.
Can someone point me to a good guide for getting this up and running? Or maybe provide some insight in what I might be doing wrong.
Thank You,

The Best Answer

On this website? Which tutorial are you talking about? Apache is in no way related to Sun.
At least you should read the documentation which come along with the Tomcat Connector: [].
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