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Time machine - starting over?

Update:11-30Source: network consolidation
Can I just turn TM off, connect a new, larger, external drive and start over again? My current external is too small and for reasons too long to mention, it's not worth keeping the couple days of backup that are available. Is it that simple? Or if I do that, will it think there are backups on the other drive and not give me a complete backup first time through. I tried looking around but couldn't see this topic anywhere. Thanks for your help

The Best Answer

Note that the first update will take a couple of hours (I figure about 10 mins per GB).
But otherwise yes, plus it in go to System prefs time machine sleect the new disk and your all good to go!
If you want to sue the old one again use Disk utility and clear it out.
Also if you have a much larger drive now PARTITION IT (Disk Utility) make say 100 GB for stuff and 200 GB for backups....
Hope this all helps!
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