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Time machine never finishes a backup on macbook air

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After setting up my Goflex NAS couple of days ago ,my macbookair and macbook pro both showed goflex external for time machine option and asked me if i want to do my time machine backup on that external drive which i answered yes  and they both started to do the time machine backup on that drive.As for the macbook pro 15 which is on osx lion ,everything went fine and the backups did as smooth as possible on the schuduale.for macbook air was totally different .it is running on osx lion also .but it will not ever finish up any backups .the only time that it did finish the backup was the first time ,but even for that one ,when i open the time machine window from system pref. it shows the oldest backup none and the latest backup none. i just left it on automatic backup .it will automatically start the backup but never finishes the backup process and i have  to shut down the computer in order to stop the bad process.does anybody has a solution for this.
thanks in advance.

The Best Answer

In addition to jochen2d you can try this, albeit, requiring much more effort.
Live partition your external HD and make a 2nd partition of about 10-12 GB, call it installer. Then eject the hard drive.
Plug in your DVD drive, put in the installation disc. Fire up Disk Utility and make a new image with the DVD as your source material. Once this is done you'll have a disk image on your Desktop (or wherever you decided to save it). You'll then to scan the image for restore.
Once this is done, eject the disc and then unplug the external drive.
Plug the USB drive back in, and open up Disk Utility again (if you closed it).
Select the install partition you created and then click on the restore tab. Your source is the .dmg of the installation disc you created and your target is the install partition you created.
When this is done you can now run the installer partition and have an exact replica of the DVD installation media with your backup accessible.
Or as jochen2d recommended, you could go out and buy a $29 powered USB hub.