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Tilde (~) added to file name?

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The other day, iBooks Author began creating duplicate files on save with a  tilde (~) character at the end of file name. Anyone know what's going on here and how to make it stop?
I'm wondering if it has anything to do with Lion 10.7.3, which I updated to the other day, right around the same time this started happening.
Maria Langer, Author
iBooks Author: Publishing Your First Book

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K T wrote:
I believe that is a 'version' of your original file that only contains changes at a given point in time.
See Lion's Help on: versions
KT you are correct.
To see this in action place the file you are working on you desktop. Then make a few changes in iBooks Author and see the 'phantom file' appear too on your desktop.
Save a version of all your work and see the tilded version disapear since it is no longer needed.
Neat! and it is defintely a feature of LION.
I read through some more posts and noted you updated to include correctly this appears with other Apple files on Mac. I work with all kinds of documents on the desktop and then clean up after the day is done by moving them elsewhere. TexEdit and other programs, even Preview at times produces this tilde version for a few minutes. It is data not commited yet.