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"The required file cannot be found" iPod Touch GarageBand to Windows

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Hello, I am a singer/songwriter and I just finished recording an album. I used an iPod Touch (GarageBand) to record this album. It has ten songs. I want to bring these songs off of GarageBand and on to my computer (Windows) so I can put the songs in order by track listing and have the album on my iTunes. I was directed to first share the songs to iTunes through GarageBand where they would become audio files. These files can then be accessed through your Windows computer and fopr example, brought to a new folder. Nine of the songs were successfully transferred to my computer and then to a folder. However, one of them could not be saved to a folder. It was the only one that wouldn't work, and a message came up reading, "(Filename) could not be copied because an error occurred. The required file cannot be found." I tried reopening iTunes, using front usb ports, rear usb ports, and the same result. It was the 7th song and the three after it were able to transfer fine. If it makes a difference, it is the longest track and is 9.2 MB (around 2.5 MB larger than any of the other tracks). So what gives? Why can all the songs be transferred from my iPod except for just one?

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Never mind, I figured it out. I think the name contained a symbol that the specific file type wouldn't recognize for a file name or the file name was too long. I shortened and took out the symbol and it worked done. Then re-added them back in the track name once I had it on iTunes. All is well. Answered my own qustion before anyone had the chance to help me, I'm good ;)