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The computer my iTunes account was locked to no longer works

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As the title says my computer that has all my tv shows and that on no longer works.
I was reading when I bought the tv series and that, that its locked to one computer only. So what happens now that its broken?
Do I have to rebuy everything when I get a new computer or am I able to re download once I get a new computer?
Is there anything I can do?

The Best Answer

Content is not locked to a single computer. You do, however, get only one download per purchase for any content other than apps and iBooks. So unless you have a backup, as iTunes itself advises you to make, or have those shows on an iOS device, you may indeed have to repurchase them.
If you lack a backup and an iOS device with those shows, your best hope is that the hard drive in your old computer still works. If it does, you can mount it to your new computer, either internally if there's room for another drive or in an external case. You should then be able to drag the TV shows and any other content from the old hard drive into the iTunes window in your new computer. Once there, all you should have to do is authorize the computer to your iTunes Store account (Store menu in iTunes -> Authorize This Computer).