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TC: The Internet connection is currently in use by another computer...

Update:11-30Source: network consolidation
So, I have a TC connected to a Netopia ADSL modem from Earthlink. Ocassionally, when the computer has left the wireless network, I will come home to find the following page with the Earthlink logo at the top:
“The Internet connection is currently in use by another computer
( ).
Enter your DSL Account logon password to switch the Internet
connection to this computer.”
If I enter the password and click "Obtain Connection", I am taken to another page that says that I can now access the Internet, blah blah blah... and another button that says "Release Connection".
First of all, it does not seem like that should be happnening, but no big deal as it takes 5 seconds out of my day to work around. The bigger problem is that only one computer can be connected to the Internet at a time. If a friend with another laptop comes over and tries to access the Internet at the same time as me, he will get the same Earthlink page popping up. If he enters the password, he will kick off the first computer and on and on and on...
I called Elink support and they, of course, told me it is a TC issue. I called Apple and they, of course, told me it is an ISP issue. I suspect that it has something to do with my TC settings (bridge mode, maybe?), but have no idea what I am doing there.
Anyone have any ideas for me? I have friends coming into town this weekend and we won't be able to share stupid YouTube clips as efficiently with only one computer!

The Best Answer

There is nothing you can do.. if you want more than one device connected then you must double NAT. This is common practice with Satellite providers.. I am not sure why they cannot afford to buy a block of public IP.. maybe it is deliberate to prevent people using servers.
Just select ignore in the airport utility.. for the double NAT problem.. this is the equivalent to sticking your head in the ground and therefore your problems don't exist. (your opponents cannot see you if you have a bird brain!!) Of course when the opportunity comes up.. move. Go to fibre or 3g/4g with a reliable ISP who hands out public IP. Until then tighten your belt.. short commons are the order of the day.