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Table of contents - title creates automatic page break

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I want the title "Table of Contents" to appear above the automatically generated Table of Contents in pages.  The TOC covers 3 pages (it's a long document) and I've formatted it and am happy. However, the title for the page which reads "Table of Contents" makes the TOC jump down to another page leaving the title on an otherwise blank page.  I have tried re-typing the title, ensuring no page breaks are on the page. I've deleted the TOC and reinserted it at the appropriate place etc. But it keeps jumping down and starting on a new page.  Any advice appreciated. I want to the keep the title "Table of Contents" on the same page as the table of contents themselves.

The Best Answer

I am having the exact same issue. Long ToC (3 pages), but cannot place a simple headline above it. It automatically breaks the pages and starts on a new page. Any ideas people?
Please see the picture below. I cannot find a way to narrow down that gap between headline and ToC.
Cheers Phil