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T3i won't turn on out of the box

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I just bought a Rebel T3i and it won't turn on out of the box.  I've done everything exactly as the directions say, but each time I flip the "on" switch, nothing happens.  I've managed to turn it on but ONLY by flipping the "on" switch, taking out the battery, putting it back in, then flipping the battery door closed (entire sequence with the "on" switch in place).  So far, of all the things I've tried, this is the only thing that works.  Has anyone else had the same thing happen or can help me figure out what might be wrong?  I live in Africa and had the camera brought here with a friend, so unfortunately, just returning it isn't really an option at this point.  Thanks!

The Best Answer

And you are certain the battery is charged before you try?  
Otherwise, returning, or warranty service may be your only options.
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