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Submitting a podcast

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I made a podcast using the program feed editor. (It is itunes enabled) I checked it with feed validator and it says it is a valid feed. Also, I use itunes to subscribe to the podcast and it downloads to the program. My problem is that the podcast never show up in the itunes store. I have tried submitting it many times and the message I receive is, it appears this feed has been submitted.

The Best Answer

It isn't yet a week since the podcast was submitted; it can take longer than that - it required human intervention to assess it, so there's obviously going to be a queue. Your feed seems fine, so it's just a question of waiting. The Store 'knows' your podcast has been submitted, so there's no point in trying to submit it again; it's now awaiting acceptance - like everyone's podcast it has to be checked to make sure it's not breaking any rules.
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