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Strange lines appearing behind itunes

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I went away for the holidays, and when I got back I booted up my 2006 iMac. Today for the first time, there are strange lines appearing behind iTunes whenever it is open but not the active window. I tried quitting and restarting iTunes, but the lines come back. I wish I could upload a screen shot of what this looks like on my desktop, it's very weird. It does not happen behind any other program window. Only iTunes. The lines appear as if they are extensions of the iTunes window formatting, in line with the side bars, etc. Has anyone else experienced this? Any tips for getting it to quit?

The Best Answer

I just wanted to add that I am also seeing the same problem: strange lines around the borders of the iTunes window. The most obvious ones are a set of four vertical lines running parallel to both sides of the iTunes window, although there are other strange bits as well, mostly around the top corners of the window, as well as a single thin horizontal line above the top of the iTunes window. These unusual lines started appearing "out of the blue" sometime in the past few weeks -- as in, not right after an update or any other configuration change to my mac... The only change I can say I did recently was to update to OS 10.6.6, although I know others who are running 10.6.6 and aren't having this issue with iTunes. I also wanted to add that in my case, I only see these strange lines when iTunes is the active window. Further to that, updating to iTunes 10.1.2 does not fix the problem, unfortunately.