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Storage decreased on ipad

Update:11-30Source: network consolidation
i just restored my ipad as it was lagging very much.
but after the restore i found that my ipad which was 16gb and was showing 13.5gb have decreased to 11.8gb why
this same thing happend with my friends iphone it was 8gb showing 6 to7 gb but it turned out to be only 3 gb
please help
thank you

The Best Answer

If you don't have enough storage space, then you will have to delete some content. Transfer content into iTunes on your computer and then delete it from the iPad and you can sync it back later.
How to transfer purchases into your iTunes library
You can delete content in Settings>General>Usage>Storage. Movies and videos are the biggest storage hogs. Delete those after you transfer them into iTunes.
Most of your purchased content can be downloaded again for free as long as you use the same Apple ID, so you may be able to download the videos again.
Downloading past purchases from the iTunes Store, App Store, and ...