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  • System Status: SAP XI 7.0 SP 13 (TREX is not available on DXG) Updated:11-30

    Hi, What does this information mean -System Status: SAP XI 7.0 SP 13 (TREX is not available on DXG) What is SP? What are patches? RamyaHi, When a new service pack is first released, the patch level goes back to zero. Subsequent patches that apply to

  • BI Service API Status SAP NetWeaver 2004s Updated:11-30

    Hi All, For using Realtime Data Acquisition we need "BI Service API Status SAP NetWeaver 2004s (Plug-In-Basis 2005.1) or higher). In my system status window at R/3 i am able to see this plugin already: "PI_BASIS: Basis Plug-In (PI_BASIS) 2005_1_

  • Third Party Billing status (SAP AFS) Updated:10-11

    Hi Gurus, This is SAP AFS project. I have created a third party order with single grid value and then created PO , I/B Delivery, Invoice receipt and Billing (order related). The same number of order item have been invoiced too. so all the documents a

  • BPC7.5NW - Work Status SAP Best Practices Updated:11-30

    Hello Experts, I would like to get your expert opinion on the Work Status settings. Usually, we configure work status settings at the Application Set and Application levels.  At the application level, we do the configuration to lock down the data reg

  • Transport Screen objects-GUI status(SAP does not create request, why)? Updated:11-30

    Hi experts,   I use SE80 to change GUI status, but system does not create a transport request for me to transfer? why?Hi,   Thanks for replay. Actually, the SE80->program->Gui status have some objects and they are already transfered. But I can't see

  • Update User Status at Service Desk Solution Manager SP17 Updated:10-11

    Hi, my name is Tomas Piqueres and I'm working with Solution Manager SP 17. Service Desk scenario is working but I have an issue that I explain below: I have a message that I'm not able to solve, so I send it to SAP. When SAP returns it to me, I have

  • HTTP response contains status code 404 ... Updated:10-11

    Hello, My system sceanrio is: R/3 -> idoc -> XI-1 -> xi adapter -> XI-2 -> idoc -> R/3. When the message sent, I get a red flag in SXMB_MONI transaction of "XI-1" system :   'HTTP response contains status code 404 with the   de

  • Integrating with SAP CRM / SAP ECC apps with SMP 3.0 Updated:10-11

    Hi All, I have some questions for integrating SAP ERP / SAP CRM applications with SMP 3.0, what my questions is 1) I want integrate SAP ERP / SAP CRM apps with SMP 3.0 from scratch. (which are available in the SAP Portal) 2) For that what are all the

  • Message has error status on outbound side Updated:10-11

    Hi All. I'm doing file to file scenario.configured everything, showing success message in SXMB_MONI but with error flag at <b>outbound status</b> My R/3 system is :  SAP ERP Central Component 5.0 But I'm unable to find the related product for

  • How to check for Unicode/Non-Unicode SAP? Updated:10-11

    Hi All, Please let me know how can I check whether an SAP system is a Unicode/Non-Unicode from SAP GUI? Thanks in advance, AdarshHi, You can check under menu : System -> Status -> SAP System Data -> Unicode System -> Yes/ NoRead other 2 answer

  • File -- XI -- IDoc ( IDoc Status 56) Updated:10-11

    Iam trying to post IDoc(cremas03) with File --> XI  --> Idoc Scenario. I got message processed successful in SXMB_MONI. However on ECC5.0(R/3) I got Idoc status 56. EDI: Partner profile inbound not available Message no. E0337 Diagnosis An inbound pa

  • SAP Inbound error Updated:11-30

    Hi,   I am doing file to IDOC. The message is showing Successful but it is was going to R/3. I am giving there that xml message which generated in SXMB_MONI.   <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes" ?> -

  • SAP BC -- SAP XI BC ADAPTER Updated:11-30

    Hello, I amtrying to send an ACC_DOCUMENT01 IDOC from SAP BC to SAP XI BC Adapter. I have done the setup according to the instructions at I am hardcoding the XML into the transportservice. When sending with the Transportservice

  • SAP is stoped printing..Need your help Updated:11-30

    Hello Experts, Users can not print from any Tcode from SAP PRD. when I click any printer from SPAD message " server xxxxx is not available" comes in drop down. Spool request status: wait Output status: " -> SAP output device driver"

  • Regarding SAP System component classification Updated:11-30

    Hi All. I have a particular requirement. If we take a SAP system, a system can consist of multiple components (PI_BASIS, SAP CRM, SAP HRM etc) in the system landscape which we can see through the system->status->SAP System Data->and click on the

  • Problem with CZ documents e.g. RV64A962, see SAP NOTES 674921, 385067 Updated:11-30

    Hi, We are having an issue when looking at applying note 674921. This basically modifies 4 programs along with setting up some pricing conditions etc... When this was all created in our DEV system the process works correctly however after transportin

  • Idocs status 10 Updated:11-30

    We have the following scenario: SAP r/3 --> XI --> email We get an ALEAUD message back in SAP r/3, but the first idoc doesn't get the status 10 as expected. The idoc keeps having status 03. How can we process the ALEAUD idoc to the original idoc? At

  • SAP Note 1720495 in Required to be implemented in EHP7 upgrade. Updated:11-30

    Hi Team, During the ERP6.0 EHP7 upgrade before we release the system for SPAU activities is it mandatory to apply the SAP Note 1720495. Source : ECC 6.0 EHP6 Target: EC6.0 EHP7 Regards Ravi PandeyHi Ravi, Do you see in SPAU Snotes with status "SAP no

  • Environment Readiness Checklist for Application Test in an SAP CRM project Updated:11-30

    Hello Experts, I am working for a very large SAP CRM implementation project at my firm. I am part of Application Test team responsible for carrying out all due dilligence before test begins. I need your help to prepare a detailed checklist for Enviro

  • Adding BI Java on NetWeaver Portal 2004s installation Updated:10-11

    Hi All, We have NetWeaver Portal 2004s sps 10 installed. We would like to know if we can add BI Java on the same instance. Thanx JayantHi Yayant, Yes, its possible to have BI Java stack added to Netweaver 2004s, but from my point of view the version