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z10 calendar time zone wrong

  • Calendar time zone on iOS 7 Updated:10-11

    the time zone has disappearead on the calendar after updating to ios 7, how can it be defined? I travel a lot and this feature was very helpful in avoiding errors.You have to enable Time Zone Support under Settings -> Mail, Contacts, Calendars -> Ti

  • Iphone 4s exchange calendar time zones Updated:11-30

    I have a user with an iphone 4s and the time zones are not matching up when entering calendar events into Outlook (synching via Exchange on the iphone). all events entered into the outlook calendar are set to eastern time zones and we are in st. loui

  • IOS Calendar & Time Zone Choices Updated:11-30

    I use Time Zone Support on all my devices... Mac, iPhone and iPad. On the iOS devices, to change the calendar to a new time zone, I have to go to System Preferences/Mail, Contacts,Calendars/Time Zone Support and use the search field, going through th

  • Blackberry Z10 Calendar Updated:11-30

    BlackBerry Z 10 Calendar: I've a problem with Blackberry Z10 Calendar Appointments and Meetings. I've syncronized with my account on (but it's the same thing on my local outlook on the pc). If I enter an appointments on my BBZ10 I see it

  • Z10 calendar entries can't be deleted Updated:10-11

    On getting my Z10 I performed a device swop using Blackberry Link from from Blackberry 9860 running OS 7.1. It was a virtual failure, only copying a few pieces of data, no contacts at all and only a few calendar entries, which were from 2011. On my Z

  • Z10 Calendar display and time do not match (off by 1 hour) Updated:10-11

    I live in Saskatchewan and have my Z10 date and time set to Sask -6. I go to the calendar, create a new event, enter the time as 7:30 am and save. The calendar shows the event at 8:30 am. If you select the item and edit it, it is correctly listing th

  • Problem caused with appt times by changing calendar time zone support? Updated:10-11

    I've got a 30Gb iPod Touch, version 4.0.2. I've always kept the Settings' Date & Time timezone for the correct location, but it was only a while back that I realized that there was also a Time Zone under the Settings, Calendar, and so I changed it so

  • How do Mac OS X Calendar Time Zone Reset? Updated:11-30

    OK. I seach the problem in this site and google. but, trubleshoot is always iOS. i want delete Calender in Mac OS.Check the Time Zone support, add other time zone. i want reset time zone. i live korea, i want see only korean stadard time. how do mac

  • Setting ipad calendar / time zones help? Updated:11-30

    Hi, We are new ipad users and are placing flight & hotel details in the ipad calendar for a once in a life time global 6 week trip. The point of purchasing the ipad was so that we could contain the info in one device...the calendar appears to be the

  • Calendar time zones droid2 global Updated:11-30

    Exported Outlook 2002 mountain standard time calendar to Gmail calendar, also mountain standard, but appointments come in as central time. Same on my device. How do I get appointments on Gmail desktop and device to show mountain standard?I have provi

  • Notification time zone different than calendar time zone Updated:11-30

    On the iPad... Notification of a calendar event is displayed in Eastern time zone while the calendar event is scheduled in Central time zone. Notifications and Calendar are both set to automatic. How does one get Notifications to display Calendar eve

  • Vista Calendar time zone shift Updated:11-30

    Windows Vista, current updates Nokia PC Suite Phone is Nokia 6120c Connected by USB Vista is set to timezone (GMT+10:00) Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney Phone is set to Time Zone: Local time Network operator time: Auto-update Sync settings are

  • BB Z10 calendar depth Updated:11-30

    I have a BB Z10, I want to synchronize events of my gmail calendar  up to two years back. There is no setting that allows me to decide how much time in the past I want that events are synchronized with my google calendar. With the Iphone I can do it.

  • Calendar time zones messed up... Updated:11-30

    Since updating to iOS8 I am having major issues with time zones in my calendars. I have set Time Zone Override to off on both my devices (So all events should display according to the time zone of my current location) I have various accounts set up o

  • Can't send meeting invites from Z10 calendar Updated:11-30

    I can't seem to send meeting invitations from my calendar. I have tried changing defaults and there is no option to select my email account as default account to use for sending invitations.Hello ldynredd, Thank you for your question regarding Calend

  • My calendar time zones are misbehaving! Updated:11-30

    I've tried turning on and off airplane mode, restarting, and going in and out of time zone support.  The whole reason I have a smartphone is to track my calendar! This was happening before I upgraded to iOS6, but at least before I could manage to fix

  • [N95] Calendar & Time Zones Updated:11-30

    Hi, I do travel often among different TZ and set up my appointments in Calendar with my city TZ in mind, but every time the Phone Time is updated (automatically or manually), Calendar App "updates" my appointments according to the new time. I wo

  • E70 calendar & time zones Updated:11-30

    Here's a scenario: - I'm working at my office in Helsinki - I've got a meeting in, say, San Francisco on 10.12. at 14:00 - I enter the meeting on the calendar 10.12. 14:00 - I travel to US - I change the clock time zone to San Francisco (10 hours beh

  • TS3999 icloud calendar time zone Updated:11-30

    My icloud changed my calendar to a different time zone on my laptop operating on Windows 7. The times are correct on my iphone.How can I fix this?In Outlook?Read other 2 answers

  • Web calendar time zone Updated:11-30

    hallo, i have a problem with the time zone of web calendar, it is on UTC but i have to change it to CET "Berlien-Germany", in the system preferences"OS X 10.5.6" i have the time zone on CET int the web calendar its UTC i dont know why,