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z10 calendar time zone wrong

  • Calendar time zone on iOS 7 Updated:10-11

    the time zone has disappearead on the calendar after updating to ios 7, how can it be defined? I travel a lot and this feature was very helpful in avoiding errors.You have to enable Time Zone Support under Settings -> Mail, Contacts, Calendars -> Ti

  • Z10 calendar entries can't be deleted Updated:10-11

    On getting my Z10 I performed a device swop using Blackberry Link from from Blackberry 9860 running OS 7.1. It was a virtual failure, only copying a few pieces of data, no contacts at all and only a few calendar entries, which were from 2011. On my Z

  • Z10 Calendar display and time do not match (off by 1 hour) Updated:10-11

    I live in Saskatchewan and have my Z10 date and time set to Sask -6. I go to the calendar, create a new event, enter the time as 7:30 am and save. The calendar shows the event at 8:30 am. If you select the item and edit it, it is correctly listing th

  • Problem caused with appt times by changing calendar time zone support? Updated:10-11

    I've got a 30Gb iPod Touch, version 4.0.2. I've always kept the Settings' Date & Time timezone for the correct location, but it was only a while back that I realized that there was also a Time Zone under the Settings, Calendar, and so I changed it so