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XMLP for FSG wih Template to EXcel

  • FSG: Basic Template need to modify Updated:11-30

    Hi, I need fsg reports in pdf.i am using fsg:basic template. The client needs all the 14 columns in one page. How to change the font size and do formating? Pls. Advice..Please see these docs. How To Change The Font, Size, or Page Layout of Standard a

  • How to save and edit a Word template and excel?? Updated:11-30

    How to save and edit a Word template and excel (extension. doc and. xls) in an XE database, which can be opened to allow the document and record all changes made by the user of the palicacion.   or where it a clear tutorial on this topic.? I apprecia

  • Problem when exporting Query from Web template to Excel Sheet. Updated:11-30

    Hello, Im encoutering a problem when im trying to export query output from web template to excel sheet. A popup windown appears when excel sheet opens which reads.."problem cameup in the following areas during  load : Cell Value".The report layo

  • Problem while exporting the text written on web-template to excel. Updated:11-30

    Hi Experts, I created a report at WAD ,while exporting it to excel all the web items got exported except for the text written on the web-template. Is it possible to export the text written on web-template to excel??? Also i dont want to add the text-

  • How To Make Shapes Change Colors When Clicking on them. Example Sheet Sales Data.xlsx template with Excel 2013 Updated:10-11

    My question is related to the Sales Data.xlsx template that comes with Excel 2013 IN this workbook is a sheet named Sales Data. It has, 3 shapes. One each for each of the tab sheets in the workbook. When I click on the 'Sales Report' shape it selects

  • Patch for  Template type 'excel' in Oracle Apps R 12 Updated:11-30

    Hello, I don't see the option to upload the excel template in my XML Publisher responsibility. Can any one suggest which patch should be applied to see the excel in the drop down of template type in XML Publisher responsibility Thanks, SridharSince t

  • Error Opening Template in Excel 2000 Updated:11-30

    Hello, I am using BI Publisher version with Excel 2000 SP-3. When I try to view a report in Excel 2000 and if the report contains a chart or a graph or even an image, I get the error message "Microsoft Excel has encountered a problem and n

  • Downloading Web Template to Excel Updated:11-30

    Hello experts, I am using a custom made web template with few of the web items. Now, the issue is that I'm not able to down load the report to Excel. I have tried right mousing the report and then exporting to excel. It doesn't work. Apart from this,

  • Export WEB  Template in Excel in WEB Interface Builder Updated:11-30

    Hi Experts, is it possible to add a web template with the pushbutton "Export in Excel" in a web planning layout? So i have to do a web interface with a planning layout under which i have to insert a web template and a pushbutton with "Expor

  • Importing budget from a template in excel? Updated:11-30

    What is the best way to import department budget files from Excel into SAP Business One? Thank you, MikeDear Michael Kennedy, There are three templates for Budget in DTW : oBudget, oBudgetDistribution, oBudgetScenarios. You need input the date by DTW

  • Main heading and Sub Heading Requirment in ALV wih download to excel featur Updated:10-11

    Hello Everyone, I have a very typical requirment in ALV . I want the output to be displayed as folows : Category Head1 Head2 Here the heading category is just a heading and no header and line item data. so hirearchal kind of ALV is of no use.  and i

  • Need the escaletion template in excel format Updated:11-30

    Hi, Please send me the escalation template for which we need to prepare for customer post go live, sp that he can submit his cooncerns in that template and it can be addressed. Thanks, ManuHi Sam,                  This need to be fixed at the program

  • FSG Outputting to PDF instead of Excel Updated:10-11

    Hi All, I would like to publish my FSG reports in Excel format. I know XML Publisher can do this and have been trying various things, but the output is always PDF. Firstly; I am using the Concurrent Request ‘Program: Publish Basic FSG’. I have define

  • How do I use fsg:ColHeadLine1 in a template? Updated:10-11

    I have created an FSG report and need to publish it with BI Publisher. The report should have columns with month names across the top, but the data may be "Actual" or "Budget". The data is contained in fields called <fsg:ColHeadLine

  • Report Manager - Template Conversion Problems Excel 2003/2007 Updated:10-11

    Hello, We are having an issue in which templates created using excel 2003 are showing incorrectly formatted outputs in excel 2007. We have performed testing by creating new templates in Excel 2007 and most formatting is correct as long as we only mak

  • How can we modify XSL-FO template for generic FSG program Updated:11-30

    I need to modify a XSL-FO based template used by Generic FSG in Oracle Appkications 12 R. I need to modify it so that data can be viewed as - landsacpe - fit to one page - page size = letter. Please let me know if how we can modify it , do i need to

  • Modifying the seeded FSG template Updated:11-30

    We are using the seeded (Oracle provided) FSG template for our FSG report requirements. The reports are displayed through XML publisher and are in readable format. We want to make them more presentable and hence need to modify the template. How do I

  • Generate Report From Template (Excel).vi & don't understand to fill the cells Updated:10-11

    I am trying to use the Generate Report From Template (Excel).vi to build my own template, and then fill it with some of my datas. I am trying to replace the "temperature" or "pressure" labels by others, and then fill them with my vi. I

  • Output shown blank when we run report in xml publisher using excel template Updated:10-11

    Hi, 1) We have a requirement where we need to run report to shown 100 columns. Since Microsoft word supports only 63 columns. So we are building the report template in Excel. 2) When I run the report in Excel locally I get the output. But when I upla

  • How do I generate a PDF output report when the layout template is an Excel file in BI publisher Updated:10-11

    This is what I did .. 1. Create new report 2. Create a report using an existing Data Model (browsed and picked a data model) 3. How do you want to create your report? (clicked on Used Report Editor) 4. Clicked Finished (then saved the report) 5. Then