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  • What Happened to channel 35 (WYBE) Philadelphia???? Updated:11-30

    What Happened to channel 35 (WYBE) Philadelphia???? The channel has gone black.  Any info???Already been answered here: where you posted the same exact question. If you are

  • I want Verizon Fios! Updated:11-30

    First off, my apologies if a message like this has already been posted here, but I really want Fios!  I need the super fast internet connection and my DSL just doesn't cut it with the amount of photos I need to upload.  This quote prompted me to post

  • No Big Ten Network on FIOS for the start of the season? Updated:11-30

    Verizon signed a contract with BTN in July and I still won't have BTN to start the football season in Philadelphia! Time Warner and Mediacom just signed this week and will have the games available for Saturday. Comcast signed a contract at the same t


    There service is sooooo bad you are better off without it!  Do not get Verizon.  You WILL be in the same world of regret as the rest of us stuck in their contract!  Their CS is awful.  You can not imagine how insanely poor!   On the first day some gu

  • When is Fios TV coming to phila? Updated:11-30

    Anyone out there know when FIOS TV will be available in the city of Philadelphia, PA? I am tired of Comcast.  Solved! Go to Solution.Well, you have to read your local newspaper.  Around the beginning of the year the city of Phila finally gave Verizon

  • My FIOS Wishlist Updated:11-30

    I know this has been done before, but I am new only had my service for 2 days. I am from The Philadelphia Area, and I am switching from Dish Network (722vip DVR) I Have a 7216-1 DVR, and a 7100 STB and a sd box with my extreame HD pkg with FIOS now 1

  • How do I use my airport extreme with my FIOS router? Updated:10-11

    How do I use my AirPort Extreme base station with my FIOS Router to extend my network?  I have hard disks connected to my AirPort Extreme and would lik to access them.Probably can't answer all your questions - but.... I use a Linksys (wired and wirel

  • New FiOS GigE Wireless 'N' Router has slowed our wireless speed to a crawl...need help! Updated:10-11

    This past Tuesday I installed the new N router.  Also, we upgraded to FiOS Quantum 75/35 (previously 15/5).  That was activated the following day.  I can't complain about the internet speed to our pc since it's wired.  Speed tests showed we were gett

  • New FIOS customer with dropped VOIP calls and Internet connection Updated:10-11

    I am a new FIOS customer. Got my 50/25 connection a week ago, switching from a TWC 6/1 connection. Ever since the new connection, I've had numerous issues. My VOIP (Ooma) connection constantly drops and re-connects during conversations I've had rando

  • New to FIOS with several video issues Updated:10-11

    I switched to FIOS from Comcast four days ago and now have several intermittent video and guide issues I never experienced with Comcast. I've read many posts about the new firmware (1.7) which is rolling out this month, and was hoping to get some cla

  • New to Fios: Schedules Recordings and DVR Capacity Updated:10-11

    I just gave up on RCN in lieu or Verizon Fios and thus far - can't stand the dvr. 1) The capacity is no where near what RCN's was. I had days worth of TV, movies, etc saved and never ran out of space. With Verizon, it's been less than a week and I`m

  • Can I send a family member to pick up a FiOS box? Updated:10-11

    I just ordered a new FiOS box to get cable in one of my bedrooms, I chose the local pickup option to save on the shipping costs. The account is in my name but I have work tomorrow so I wanted to see if I could send my son to pick it up for me, is thi

  • Is Verizon going to acknowlege the problems with FIOS and Windows Vista Updated:10-11

    For months now, I have been reading the numerous problems Fios internet customers are having with Fios internet/Actiontech Router and Windows Vista and there has been no acknowledgement by Verizon of this current major issue. I have also experienced

  • IP Phone No Longer Working with FiOS Updated:10-11

    For almost 5 years, we had a Mitel 5020 IP Phone Handest that we used for working from home.  The phone plugged directly into a 4 port Netgear router which in turn was connected to a Linksys Cable modem.  Comcast was the ISP.  The phone worked perfec

  • I recently upgraded to Fios Quantum and have a new ActionTech router. As a result my PC is no longer communicating with my APPLE TV.It must have a firewall or ports beegin blocked preventing the homesharing and communication even though the APPLE TV is on Updated:10-11

    I recently upgraded to Verizon Fios Quantum high speed internet and was given an ActionTec router. I sucessfully installed all and connected wth my Apple TV. Although it worked initially it no longer does.  Something appears to be blocking  the Homes

  • Unplugging all network devices from Fios router prevents DVR freezing and remote control lock ups. Updated:10-11

    All, I recently had a Verizon tech visit my house due to constant DVR and remote control freezing. TV content was freezing whether it was locally recorded, pulled from another DVR in the house, or On Demand. On a hunch after the tech tested everythin

  • How do I get fios to work with my new desktop w/ Windows Media Center Updated:10-11

    Can someone please help me I have "fios".TV and internet 1HDSTB + 1HDDVR with multi room dvr Home media do I get fios to work with my new desktop HP Pavillion m9715f**(specs below)**w/ Windows Media Center or did I just throw away my mon

  • Returning a FIOS TV Box Updated:10-11

    I apologize if this is the wrong forum.  Would like to return 1 of my FIOS boxes.  I only use 2.  Will returning the unused box  lower my bill?  Thanks in advance for the assist. Solved! Go to Solution.Welcome to the forums.  This is a place where cu

  • Home network stopped functioning after FIOS installation Updated:10-11

    I have 2 desktops running XP and a wireless laptop running Vista.  With my old router, I was able to transfer files and print.  After the FIOS installation, the three computers don't "see" each other.  All 3 have internet connectivity and no pro

  • How do I Set up airport extreme with existing fios wireles network Updated:10-11

    Hello al, l I have an existing wireless network with an arcitonic  wireless router provider with my fios tv. Everything is working well. Now I want to add airport extreme to increase my network range and later add apple tv /net flicks  I,m not great