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  • Only one user at the time can execute VE01 (due to blockage of VEIAV) Updated:10-11

    Hi, As I understand it only one user at the time can execute VE01 (or MEIS for arrivals). If someone is already executing the VE01 transaction the error-message "Table VEIAV is blocked by user XX" appears. It does not matter if one tries to exec

  • 3rd party deal - VEIAV record is missing (Intrastat) Updated:11-30

    Hello, Our customer is operating in EU country and thus is reporting Intrastat. There is a business case of purchase from CH (Switzerland), while the physical movement is triggered from DE (Germany). This is intra-community deal and must be in VEIAV.

  • Intrastat calculation table VEIAV Field GRENZWEAK Updated:11-30

    Hi together, how is the field grenzweak in table veiav calculated? There are enormous different values between Invoice and statistical value in some items. I cannot recognize how SAP calculates or where the value comes from. Maybe someone can help me

  • Intrastat - building data - VEIAV Updated:10-11

    Hello, how do I have to get or build the data for Intrastat reporting. We had data until 2005 but it's been empty for 2 years so I suppose there must be a report to build these data? thanksHi David, You can use Tcode ENGR to go to the Periodic Declar

  • MEIS Arrival INTRASTAT without GR / IR Updated:10-11

    Hello All, In our business scenario we use regular Schedule agreement (LPA) for INTRASTAT Arrivals declarations at Germany plant (DE)for which goods shipped from France country (FR) plant. We have a very particular scenario where in there is no GR /

  • INCOTERMS Missing Updated:10-11

    Hi All Gurus in SAP, I have a question - in INTRASTAT Reporting in VE07 when declaring for France, we are not able to see the INCOTERMS in the report, though it is present in the billing document. Can you please help me and see why this is happening

  • Statistical Value in MEIS for INTRASTAT reporting Updated:10-11

    Hello, From reveiwing related posts I understand that the statistical value on the INTRASTAT report comes from a system default exchange rate that uses the average exchange rate from the border crossing rate (GRWR condition on the PO) and the exchang

  • Steps in INTRASTAT Reporting Updated:10-11

    Dear Experts, Can you please let me know the detailed steps to file Intrastat Reporting in Simple terms. I have gone thru the help available in SAP portal, I am looking at steps business to following to file the INTRASTAT in Manual way (not by Soft C

  • From where the VBRK-STCEG field value in the invoice header gets filled. Updated:10-11

    Hi Friends, I have a scenario in my client system. I have one sales organisation in Spain which sends a order to France based sales organisation. In the France based sales organisation the sales order will be created with sold to partner as the Spain

  • How to enqueue a table with fileds that are not primary keys Updated:11-30

    Hi, I am using the FM view_enqueue in order to lock a standard table. Now , the requirement is to restrict the lock based on compnay code. Since this is not a primary key in table veiav , I am unable to do this . More over, the development has to be

  • Columns missing in my generated INTRASTAT report... Updated:11-30

    Hi all, can anyone tell me why my INTRASTAT report is missing the following columns: Business Transaction Type (Export/Import), Destination Region (Import), Region of Origin (Export) and ModeOfTrnsprt-Border (Export/Import). They are , along with the

  • Intrastat report duplicating receipts for corrections Updated:11-30

    Hi,  The situation is that,GR (movt.type-101)was done and then a reversal (movt type-102)was done and again GR was done.Now in Intrastat report only GR is getting displayed but not the Reversal.I mean to say that there are two entries for GR but ther

  • Intrastat - Add fields in report output - VE01 Updated:11-30

    Hi Friends, I do not see import output  fields like mode of transport, COO, material No, etc in VE01 intrasta report output. Is there any configuration to add required output fileds. In the select laout also we do not have these fields except there i

  • Sap oss note Updated:11-30

    Hi Experts, Please see the following requirement and let me give the sujjestion for it,It will be very helpfull to me.Thanks in advance. SAP Note No. 851943                          04.07.2005           Page 1      Number              851943      Ver

  • Missing destination region in veo1 Updated:11-30

    In ve01 destination region is missed and veiav table not getting update with destination region. and ve01 log is shown as: incomplete - please maintain FT data for the document what could be the reason here 'export' we are using in VE01 for intrasatI

  • VEFU - Manual add entries for INTRASTATE declaration Updated:11-30

    Hello Is it possible in transaction VEFU, during manual adding new entries: 1. Add also document number? On system 6.0 I have this field not for edit. 2. Add returns? I'm adding document category Return or Credit Memo, but those values  are not subst

  • Intrastat - Mode of Transport missing in purchase order header Updated:11-30

    We have a problem where for a supplier there is missing import data for some materials - but not others. As far as I can tell the Info Records for those with missing data are identical to those where there is no data. For example, the Incoterms field

  • VEFU T.code Issue-Reg., Updated:11-30

    Hi All, When i am trying to access the T.code:VEFU, i am getting an ABAP Short Dump Error-No enough space/memory to run the t.code vefu. How do i get rid of this. Some one suggested me that if i remove the redundant entries from the table VEIAV , i m

  • Intrastat declaration for services in Italy Updated:11-30

    Hello to all, I need to know how to produce the Intrastat declaration for services in Italy, if possible in FI. It seems that the basis of Intrastat-declaration can only be MM and SD. However I have further questions: Has anybody an idea from where t

  • Intrastat declaration for Italy 2010 Updated:11-30

    Hi, I'm writing to ask some information about legal change published by Italian tax authority for Intrastat declaration: how it's possible to include services in Intrastat? How to define "service items" to include it in Intrastat? I saw the publ