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  • Wrapping text in Sharepoint 2013 Survey Updated:11-30

    We have a survey with several long questions.  However, when setting up the survey the appear wrapped on the survey 'designer' screen.  However, when users go to respond there is one long line of text.   How can i get the questions to wrap when users

  • Including image in SharePoint survey answer and hiding elements only work on the first page Updated:10-11

    Hi All, I would like to add some text/remove some text etc on a sharepoint survey page.    Which i have done using jquery/jscript. But unfortunately it only works on the first page. Any ideas how i can get it to work on all the pages? See a sample he

  • Wrap-Text bug when publishing - When will it be fixed? Updated:11-30

    The bug that causes the text to not wrap in short answer and survey quiz questions when published to Adobe Connect has been around for at least 2 years. This is extremely inconvenient. I need to add a published Presenter quiz to our Adobe Connect Tra

  • Wrap text options, are they really limited? Updated:10-11

    I was curious if there was a way to dial in precise NONuniform wrapping options. I have a place holder box that I want the text to wrap around and give a 5pt space on all but the right side... I want that 20pts. In the wrap text options it's all unif

  • Xml publisher report using RTF in Excel is coming as wrap text? Updated:10-11

    Hi, I am working on XML publisher report, I have converted standard report to xml publisher , to generate the report in excel. But the output is coming as Wrap text, is there a way to get the output directly without wrap ? Thanks DevHi Dev, You can t

  • In ICal is there a way to see all of the text in all day events on the month view of the calendar.  Seems to wrap text only if there is a time on the event Updated:10-11

    In ICal is there a way to see all of the text in all day events on the month view of the calendar?  Seems to wrap text only if there is a time on the eventThe paths won't agree on the two OSs so a simple XML import isn't likely to work. See Sync iPod

  • In the new Keynote how does one find the Wrap Inspector to wrap text around a photo??? Thanks Updated:10-11

    In the new keynote, the help section refers to the Wrap Inspector.  How does one find that or how does one wrap text around a photo??   ThanksYou can also use the shape tool to draw a shape roughly following the outline of the graphic you want to wra

  • How Do I Wrap Text Like the iOS Camera App? Updated:10-11

    Hello. I am in yearbook, and I have been challenged with designing the cover of the yearbook, and I have been having a few problems along the way. One of these problems is to wrap text. Specifically, I'm stuck on how I would wrap text like the iOS ca

  • JTextAreaCellRenderer to wrap text in multiple columns... any better way? Updated:10-11

    I would like to use a basic JTextArea cell renderer to wrap the text in a JTable cell, like in this thread Although the technique works, a disadvantage is that it cannot be used

  • Outlook 2013 - wrap text group policy applied, not working with or without digital signature Updated:10-11

    Hello, I'm adding group policies to apply on our new installations of Windows 8.1 with Office 2013. One of the settings being applied is enforcing plain text emails and wrapping text at a certain number of characters. Policies are being added using t

  • How to wrap text around a table Updated:10-11

    I'm new to Pages. The first thing I tried to do was play with tables, because they are the biggest headache in Microsoft Word. However, I ran into a problem right away--I cannot figure out how to wrap text tightly around a table so that the table is

  • Webforms - Wrap Text/Word Wrap for Column Headings Updated:10-11

    I have some member aliases that are set as my webform's column headings, but they are fairly long. Setting the column width to a custom value that fits most of the text in the heading makes the form very wide and ugly to work with. I don't see any op

  • Cell Wrap Text Updated:10-11

    Hi, Does the MS Word's cell Options > Wrap text really work? I have XMLP 5.63, Word 2003, and I'm trying to restrict the invoice line description to only 1 line, but it does not seem to work. Does anybody have any ideas? Thx JoHi Jo, You could try th

  • Wrap text when Viewning PDF file ? Updated:10-11

    Hi all, is there a way that we can wrap text the PDF file when viewing ? the font is quite small even with landscape viewing, and if zoom in, i still cant see the text as they are quite small, do you know a way/ a software that we can convert the PDF

  • In SSRS , after exporting report in excel,wrap text property for cell and freeze column for SSRS table header not working in Excel Updated:10-11

    I am working no one SSRS my table headers are freeze cangrow property is false and my report is working perfect while rendering data on RDL and i want same report after exporting in Excel also , i want my table header to be freeze and wrap text prope

  • How can I wrap text in a pie in pages? Updated:10-11

    How can I wrap text in a pie in pages?If you need to insert text into a shape like a pie wedge, the easiest way might be to simply use the shape - freeform tool (at the bottom of the shape menu) and create a shape and type your text in it then place

  • How do I import an irregular shape into pages to wrap text around? Updated:10-11

    I see in the lovely demo how pages can wrap text around an image that is an irregular shape, but they never tell us  how to actually get one onto the iPad. As far as I can tell jpg's and tff's are all that the iPad will work with and those are all sq

  • Wrapping text in standard Webdynpro View Updated:10-11

    I needed to wrap text in a standard view of the webvdynpro component. I created a enhancement of the view and reduced the width of the root container in the enhancement . I saved it and activated it.  the next time I went to view the details I change

  • Wrapping text in the navigation drop down menu Updated:10-11

    Help! Is there a way to wrap text in the navigation drop down menu. Some of the text is too long and sits outside of the drop down box. Is there code that I can insert in the below example or would this need to be specified in the css stylesheet that

  • Looking for a word processor without word wrap, text edit doesn't cut it Updated:10-11

    I'm looking for a word processor without word wrap, text edit doesn't work. In text edit, it automatically scoots my text over to the next line but I just want it to keep going with a horizontal scrollbar. Is there a text editor I can download from t