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  • Wouldl like to use an large external with my mac book-if so how can I shut the lid without losing the screen? Updated:11-30

    Wouldl like to use an large external with my mac book-if so how can I shut the lid without losing the screen?This is the article on the subject: Mac notebooks: How to use your computer in closed clamshell (display closed) mode with an ... But it does

  • I wouldl like to type a school paper on my iPad what is the best app to use? Updated:11-30

    If u know of any apps let me knowYou will probably want to use an app that has compatibility with MS Word. Documents to Go, Quick Office Pro and Pages are all apps that are compatible with Word files. But only you can know for sure exactly what you n

  • Airport Card no longer recognized by PowerBook Updated:10-11

    I always take my PowerBook G4 to class with me for the purpose of taking notes during class. I was connected to the internet there, over the wireless network (on campus) with no problem. When I got back home, my PowerBook wasn't seeing the wireless n

  • Centering and displaying 100% in browser won't work. Updated:10-11

    I believe I followed the instructions that were posted previously and I did some reading about centering a page and displaying the page at 100% but I can't seem to make them work correctly. I might have a conflict or something can you help. I designe

  • HT204053 my wife and i have seperate itunes accounts is there a way we can link our accounts to share songs so we dont have to pay for the same song twice? Updated:10-11

    When the first ipad came out i set it up and created an itunes account, since then she got an iphone and an ipad and everything was good. I had an android but wanted to try out the iphone. When i set it up ut jumpled all of our contacts, apps, and ev

  • How do I change my icloud account on iPhone Updated:10-11

    I recently reset my iphone at with the help of the Genius Bar staff and now I notice that I have a different email address and password on icloud on my iphone than I have on my ipad and MacBook Pro.  I want to change the iphone icloud information so

  • Design View Nonworkable - Fine in Browsers and Validation Updated:10-11

    Hi! I have year old sites and new sites using CSS and server side includes (both php and asp) that are nonworkable in design view in Dreamweaver CS3. Sites were fine in Macromedia 8 but not now. My very old sites are fine - they are straight HTML sit

  • Procure to Pay Report Updated:10-11

    Is there a standard R/3 report that lists purchases in the last one year? It needs information from Purchasing and AP. The information I need is Vendor#, Name, PO No, Item, Po Date, Material Group/No/Description, GL Account, WBSE, Company Code, PO Qt

  • HT204022 How do you remove all the photos in photostream in one go i.e reset? Updated:10-11

    I have a new Mac and iphone and when I turn on photostream it downloads thousands of pics that have been taken since photostream started. I don't want it to do that, I just want to reset the photo stream and start with zero pics as its being download

  • Unable to search for users in CUP Updated:10-11

    Hi Guru's When I am tryin to create a request in CUP , I am unable to search for users , the search option doesnt return any values at all I have checked my user data source which is LDAP, the connector is working fine , and  I have  the field mappin

  • Fillable forms in Portfolio using Mobile Reader App Updated:10-11

    I have created a Portfolio that includes fillable forms. When opening the portfolio on the desktop I'm able to double click and open the form as it's own document and use it as designed... BUT when I open the portfolio on my tablet, it doesn't allow

  • Connecting 2 TVs to HDMI port on FIOS HD cable box Updated:10-11

    I want to connect two HD TVs to a single FIOS HD Set Top Box (STB) that has one HDMI output.  The two TVs will be back to back across a wall between our family room and kitchen so cable distances for the **bleep**hest TV will be ~15'.  I realize both

  • How can I make it open in 64bit by default? Updated:10-11

    Everytime i open a ai file it opens in 32bit If i drag it with shift key held to the bottom bar on my windows and let it go over the ai 64 bit program icon it is fine but i wouldl ike it to open in 64bit if i double click it or select open with thank

  • Document on 1131 Access point Updated:10-11

    Please provide the documentation to configure 1131 Access Point. We are getting documentation for 1130 and not for 1131. Help wouldl be highly apprecited.Hi Navinder, It's the same. 1130 is the generic model number while 1131/1132 is a specific model

  • Why can't we get infinity Updated:11-30

    Good Afternoon, According to this checker: It produces the following result: Cabinet Probability Uplift Phase Status Type P6 100% 4.11 7a Part of deployment FTTC (Fiber to the Cabinet) If it gives an uplift of  4.11, that sur

  • General formula in Oracle 10g Updated:11-30

    Hi, I use Oracle Database 10g Enterprise Edition Release - Prod. I want to develop a way to deal with complex expressions using SQL. I can't use listagg, so I use xmlagg. I created a query, which runs within 8-15 secs. It returns 20000 row

  • Meaningful names for report attachments in BIP. Updated:11-30

    Hi, I am emailing/ftp'ing few reports from BI Publisher. The report attachments are going out as attchment.xls, attachment.out, attachment.pdf etc. I wouldl like to name these attachements with a meaningful name. Example if Accounts is my report I wo

  • Positions and BPartners in CRM Org Hier are missing in BW after extraction Updated:11-30

    Hi BW experts, When I load CRM Organisational Hierarchy from CRM 7.0 system through datasource 0CRM_ORGUNIT_HR01_HIER into BW 7,01 system, only the organisational units such as Property Sales, Team 1, Team 2 etc were loaded into BW.  Positions such a

  • Can i copy an entire text conversation somehow to print? Updated:11-30

    I wouldl like to be able to copy an entire text conversation dating back to the past year; is there some way to do this?Google touchcopy or ibackupbotRead other 2 answers

  • Do i need to reinstall windows again or when will gets release i will get as an upgrade? Updated:11-30

    Hi all,  I am going to upgrade my windows 7 PC which is pre-installed by Lenovo to Windows 10 TP.But have some questions, when win10 gets release to the market in the near future will i able to upgrade it as i am going to do now by using windows upda