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wlc controller AP failover priority

  • WLC AP Failover Priority Updated:11-30

    We use WCS to migrate AP's to "backup" controllers prior to making changes to our primary wireless controllers. However, this process is long and arduous when your AP's number in the hundreds, a 5-minute failover per AP can take hours. Changing

  • WLC controller Ethernet Multicast Mode Updated:11-30

    When do you enable the ethernet multicast mode on controller? In my test lab, I have it disabled and I have not seen any issues so far. Thanks.When you are supporting Wireless Applications that require MC, such as Spectralink's (ca use MC for registr

  • WLC RADIUS Server Failover - Passive mode timer Updated:11-30

    In 7.2 WLC code, it appears it is now possible to specify which RADIUS servers are used as the preferred server for authentication ( Security > AAA > RADIUS > Fallback to open the RADIUS > Fallback Parameters ). There are 3 mode for this: off,

  • WiFi Controller 2504 Failover configuration Updated:11-30

    Hi Mates, one of our customer has an AIR-CT2504-15-K9 which is used to manage 15 Access Points in his Head Office. They are now procuring another controller (AIR-CT2504-25-K9) to manage around 24 AP's in their warehouse. There is a leased line as wel

  • Report on AP Failover Priority Updated:10-11

    Does anyone know of a way or place that the AP Failover setting on the AP is reported in WCS.  I can't seem to find anywhere this setting appears in any inventory report.  The only way I seem to be able to look this up is to go AP by AP and look at t

  • MSE NMSP status inactive after WLC 5508 HA failover Updated:11-30

    I have a customer who has a Prime Infrastructure 2.0 server and MSE 7.4 server for Context Aware Services.   The MSE also has the AeroScout Tag Engine for Tracking the AeroScout RFID tags it has deployed.    They have a WLC 5508 HA pair running versi

  • WLC Controller Upgrade Fails. Updated:11-30

    I am trying (for two days now!) to upgrade a 4402 Controller. I have upgraded three others just like it to version AIR-WLC4400-K9-4-0-179-11.aes from Version: I have tried multiple TFTP servers and each one fails with "Failure while storin

  • WLAN Controller Geodiverse Failover Updated:11-30

    All - Hypothetical scenario: Three branch offices each with their own 5508 controller and a local spare for backup.  Each has their own VLANs and routing between offices over an MPLS network.  For simple math, each of the three controllers has a max

  • WLC upgrade and failover Updated:11-30

    Hi, we have two WLC. WLC1 in one data center and WLC2 in DR data center. I've to upgrade s/w on both WLCs. currently all of our APs are associated with WLC1 so I'll upgrade WLC2 1st. and then WLC1. when I ugprade WLC1 then all APs will failover to WL

  • Downgrade versions of WLC controller code. Updated:11-30

    Hi All, We have recently upgraded controller code to from Version after that users started reporting wirless disconnction issues. we wanted to roolback to older code But WLC shows.... Primary images as Backup

  • WLAN and DHCP with WLC controller Updated:11-30

    Hi, I've a question about how works dhcp for wifi clients. On the WLAN edit I've seen that my option are: 1) DHCP override-> i insert the dhcp server address here 2) without DHCP override -> the WLAN will use the DHCP server configured under the man

  • How much time does an AP take to failover to secondary controller Updated:11-30

    hi All, My query is to understand how much time will an AP take to failover to its secondary WLC(Backup) incase primary goes offline. Whats the heartbeat time for each AP to verify reachability to WLC. also what is the purpose of AP Fail over priorit

  • 2 WLCS for failover Updated:11-30

    Hi, I want to buy a second WLC. The equipment hasn't been ordered yet so I just trying to think a head. As I understand it if I buy the second WLC and put it in the same mobility group then enable AP fallback that is all I have to do. Is that really

  • N+1 5508 WLC failover test Updated:10-11

    Good day all, I have a question about the N+1 5508 failover test: Should I shutdown one of the primary WLC to test failover? I just setup the N+1 bakcup WLC (5508). B Based on:

  • Server 2008 Hyper-V Failover Cluster Error on Domain Controller Reboot Updated:10-11

    I am pretty new to Hyper-V virtual but I have 2 Hyper-V Clusters, each with 2 Nodes and a SAN, 1 Physical Domain Controller for failover cluster management and 1 virtual domain controller as backup.  All is running well, no issues.  I installed windo

  • Quastions about WLC priority Updated:11-30

    Hello, i've got two quastions about WLC's: 1)How or where i could read about access point join WLC controller in multicontroller network? 2)Is it possible and if yes how i could made such scenario: I've got existing netwirk with two wlc 4402, i want

  • WLC geographical redundancy Updated:11-30

    Hello, There are two "central" locations each one having one satellite or spoke site. Let's have: - zone A and its spoke_zone A1 - zone E and its spoke_zone E1. Both region A and region E have a similar deployment scenarios: - 1 x 5508 WLC - sev

  • Implementing Two Guest Anchor WLCs Updated:11-30

    Hello - I am wondering if anyone has ever setup a guest network solution using two anchor controllers where the internal WLCs each have two anchors configured and use a primary Anchor and when unavailable can dynamically fail over to a secondary Anch

  • Wlc remote fallback Updated:11-30

    Hi, I have multiple WLC installations on different sites with Local APs. Is there a methodology or plan to solve fallback situation by installing a central WLC in the DataCenter (e.g.) What should I follow to create a solution to this problem? Licens

  • 5760 WLC and 5760 HA WLC question Updated:11-30

    Hi everyone, I assume this information must exist... I just cannot locate it. Customer purchasing two 5760 WLCs: 1     AIR-CT5760-500-K9 1     AIR-CT5760-HA-K9 I am looking for info on how to configure these 2 WLCs to work together.  How do you infor