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windows service sender cant be start

  • How to create a client console to connect to server in windows service using c# Updated:10-11

    my code is error can you check the code please client console code partial class Program : ServiceBase         public static void Main(string[] args)             serverservice ss = new serverservice();             ss.myserver();                 TcpCl

  • Diff b/w Web service and window service Updated:10-11

    What is the difference between web service and window service, whether the both are same or not, Give some explain about that each one and give some examples also.An XML Web service is a component that implements program logic and provides functional

  • Problem in executing client application as windows service Updated:10-11

    Hi I have a client program that sends client ip address to server. My Requirement is to run this client program as windows service. For this, i have created a jar and after that i have created a .exe file. now using sc command in DOS i was created a

  • Windows service write to event log Updated:10-11

    Have strange conduct of code within my application. I've created windows service the same as according to MSDN default instruction: https://msdn.microso...=vs.110%29.aspx its working and logging to event log correctly. After that i copied that projec

  • ISE Posture Condition for Windows Service Pack and Remediation Updated:10-11

    Hi, We having ISE ver 1.1.1 and currently on PoC. I have the following points to be clarified for Posture and Remediation. 1) How to configure a condition to check Windows Service pack (may be more than 1 Windows favor such as XP, Win 7 and Win 8) an

  • Services in SAP management console and related window services and process Updated:10-11

    hai can u please any one of you can send me the services in SAP management console and related window services(in adminstrator/services) and process in task manager. thanks in advance. Naga LaxmiHi Naga, Please refer to this article for the processes

  • This window service has timer for update record once in a day at 5 pm. Updated:10-11

    Hi Guys Please help me. Actully i create a window service. This window service has timer for update record once in a day at 5 pm. I have write a code but it is not working fin Here is my code. App.Config File:- <appSettings>       <add key="

  • Process in C# with Windows Service Account Updated:11-30

    Hi,    I would like to launch SQL Server Management Studio from C# Process Class thru windows service account. When I start the process, I got the in Win32Exception ( "Logon failure: unknown user name or bad password"). I verified the User crede

  • Is using a taskbar icon in .exe combined with windows service a good idea as part of an alarm system? Updated:11-30

    My client wants an alert system and his focus is on the taskbar.  He wants the icon to change, (and ideally even blink) and also to have some beeping when a new work request comes in.  It needs to run constantly, and grab the attention of an operator

  • Window service Timers.Timer Updated:11-30

    Hi Guys Please help me. Actully i create a window service. This window service has timer for update record once in a day at 5 pm. I have write a code but it is not working fin Here is my code. App.Config File:- <appSettings>       <add key="

  • Call a program via windows service Updated:11-30

    Hi! I have write a windows service,and it works. I want to call a .exe file,and my .exe file is signature. The program can not work when I call it through my service. How can I solve my problem? Thanks!Hi Hassan, Thank you for sharing the code with u

  • Creatting RFC  Server as a windows service Updated:11-30

    Hi, How to create RFC server as a windows service using connector.Please send me the sample code.hi, I don't know which problem do you meet. As I know, there is a console RFC server sample in the SAP dotnet connector install directory, you ca

  • Running Java Applications as a Windows Service Updated:11-30

    Hi, can any one help me to develop windows services in java. Running Java Applications as a Windows Service Any example or link please send me. Thanks and regards. Amit.See the Java Service Wrapper at

  • Jsx as a windows service Updated:11-30

    I wrote socket listener class in javascript/photoshopscript. I basically need this to be running at all times. Here is a dumbed down code example that basically returns what is sent to it. Is there anyway to get this to run as a windows service? Curr

  • CreateObject NovellGroupWareSession fals in Windows Service Updated:11-30

    Hi! Having the following: Dim GWApp As GWApi.Application Try GWApp = CreateObject("NovellGroupWareSession") The execution fails on the last line with: "Cannot create ActiveX component" Tried to launch service as local system account an

  • Weblogic Startup Class does not run as Windows Service Updated:11-30

    If you know the answer, plase send me an email at [email protected] I'm running a weblogic startup class that starts a Thread. I need to run a batch program that should be running as long as WebLogic is running (to process new orders). It works fine

  • BizTalk 2013 R2: SB-Messaging Windows Service Bus On Premise 1.1 (Not Windows Azure) Updated:11-30

    Let me preface this by saying that I have been able to connect to the destination Service Bus Topics and Queue using traditional .NET methods (e.g. System.ServiceBus.Messaging namespace) and the applications using those components are running fine on

  • Windows Services Updated:11-30

    I trying to pull out the list of windows services and then send to a text file. I've made some progress, just wondered if I could request some assistance. Well the command net start pulls out all running services, easy enough using Runtime.getRuntime

  • Windows Service Monitoring Updated:11-30

    Hello All,  I have implemented a Windows Service Monitoring to look after some custom windows services on a Windows Server with a 3rd party piece of software installed. The monitor has been working as expected and has kept an eye on the services and

  • "Invalid printer specified" for 32bit Windows Service in 64bit Server Updated:11-30

    Hi All, I'm having some issues with crystal reports. My development environment: Visual Studio 2008, 32bit Windows XP Running environment: Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 2 64 bit Crystal Reports Basic Runtime for Visual Studio 2008 (x86) I've creat