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windows 2012 r2 host unmanageable

  • Windows 2012 network teaming broken "host unmanageable" Updated:11-30

    Hello, we are in the process of migrating servers to new hardware using the Platespin Migrate tool. That process has been tested in controlled Proof Of Concepts now for Windows 2003, 2008 and 2008R2, but now we come to Windows 2012 and we run into an

  • Windows 2012 Nodes - Slow CSV Performance - Need help to resolve my iSCSI issue configuration Updated:10-11

    I spent weeks going over the forums and the net for any publications and advice on how to optimize iSCSI connections and i'm about to give up.  I really need some help in determining if its something i'm not configuring right or maybe its an equipmen

  • Issues with Shell32.dll, NTDLL.DLL and Migration from Windows 2003 to Windows 2012 Updated:10-11

    Hello all, I am new to ThinApp and working as a consultant to help a company migrate older Windows 2003 software to Windows 2012.  They have purchased ThinApp so that is what we will be using. We have created a clean 2003 VM and did a pre-sca

  • Joining Windows 2012 Server to SBS 2011 Domain Updated:10-11

    Hi All, I have been trying to get a new Windows 2012 Server to join a SBS 2011 domain. The error message I am getting is: The following error occurred attempting to join the domain: xxxx. The specified domain does not exist or could not be contacted.

  • Lync Edge server on windows 2012 R2 prequistes Updated:10-11

    What, if any, are the perquisites for install lync 2013 edge server on Windows 2012 R2.  I have looked around and only found information for Windows 2012 and it requiring WIF 3.5.  Is this required for R2 as when you go to install it you get: is it r

  • Synchronization fails on Windows 2012 Server Updated:10-11

    Hello, Running DPM 2012 R2, Protected computer Windows 2012 Standard         I'm backing up only folders (19 GB) on a Windows 2012 server which also have SCCM 2012 installed on it.  The initial replica and recovery point creations are successful.   A

  • Sharepoint 2013 installation in windows 2012 R2 server Updated:10-11

    Hi, I am unable to install Sharepoint 2013 server on Windows 2012 R2 Server. I am getting below error The tool was unable to install Application Server Role, Web Server (IIS) Role. I checked my IIS it is working fine. Please help me out. Regards, Siv

  • SharePoint 2013 SP1 on Windows 2012 R2 Updated:10-11

    Hello all, Excited as I was to finally get the slip-streamed version of SP 2013 with SP1 so I could install it on Windows 2012 R2 I'm having trouble installing the pre-requisites. I've found this article here -

  • On Windows 2012 Terminal Server Outlook fails to connect to Exchange 2013 Updated:10-11

    I have a new install of Windows 2012.  I have two physical servers.  One is a W2012 std Domain Controller ("DC").  The Second is configured as W2012 HyperV  ("HV").  Under HV I have two VMs.  One VM is W2012/Exchange 2013 ("ExchVM

  • Install Exchange 2010 Sp3 on Windows 2012 R2 Updated:10-11

    Dear All, From Microsoft Exchange support matrix, I can tell that Exchange 2010 Sp3 is not listed on supported page. However when I run the setup, the prerequisite setup check, dose not list any warnings or issues with the setup, all check are green.

  • Install SharePoint 2013 on Windows 2012 R2 Updated:10-11

    What are the right steps to slipsteam SP 2013 with SP1, from what I understand this will fix the issues with Windows 2012 R2You currently cannot install SharePoint 2013 on 2012 R2. You will need to wait for an updated ISO release from Microsoft for S

  • Install sharepoint 2013 demo on windows 2012 r2 essentials Updated:10-11

    Am configuring my laptop for demo so installing windows 2012 r2 essentials (which requires to be the DC). I know SharePoint 2013 server is not recommended to be installed on the DC. I have seen the Workflow 2013 is not supported on the DC but still c

  • SharePoint 2010 SP2 hosted on Windows 2012 R2 NOT discovered by SCOM 2012 R2 + 2 SP MP's Updated:10-11

    What is the process to get SharePoint 2010 Management Packs loaded in System Center 2012 R2 to discover/monitor SharePoint 2010 SP2 (14.0.7121.5000) loaded on Windows 2012 R2? View of installed system:  System Center 2012 R2 loaded on Windows 2012 R2

  • Is SharePoint 2010 Supported on Windows 2012 R2 Updated:10-11

    Hi I have read Trevor Seward's responses to various questions on this subject :-

  • Correct way to install SHARE POINT 2013 ON WINDOWS 2012 R2 Updated:10-11

    HI INSTALLING SHAREPOINT 2013 ON WINDOWS 2012 R2 IS NOT SUPPORTED , when i search for this i found a kb article SharePoint 2013 SP1 support in Windows Server 2012 R2, So in windows server 2012 R2 machine

  • Installing SharePoint 2013 in a Windows 2012 R2 Server I was getting the following error Updated:10-11

    when I install prerequisiteinstaller.exe in sharepoint 2013, got the below error: Error: The tool was unable to install Application Server Role, Web Server (IIS) Role. Any expert please help?Hi, From your description, I know you get error when you in

  • Lync 2010 Voice & Video Support on Windows 2012 R2 SP1 RDSH & RDVH Updated:10-11

    Hello - We have successfully demonstrated RDSH & RDVH using Windows 2012 R2, Windows 8 virtual desktops and Dell T10 Zero clients. RemoteFX has been successfully tested as well for Printing across RDSH & RDVH environments. Problem at hand is that

  • Certificate request not working with web server v2 template on windows 2012 R2 Updated:10-11

    I have tried to generate a certificate request on my domain joined Windows 2012 R2. I have tried both online and offline requests. I am using the web server v2 template. Both Method fails with error message that the cryptographic algorithm is unknown

  • LYNC 2010 on Supportability on Windows 2012 R2 Updated:10-11

    Is it possible to run Lync server 2010 on Windows server 2012 R2? Is there  any known issues running LYNC 2010 Enterprise pool with Enterprise Voice on Windows 2012 R2 OS? Any special requirements or issues installing LYNC 2010 on Windows 2012 R2? We

  • Problem installing Crystal Reports 2013 on a Windows 2012 R2 server Updated:10-11

    Sheesh.  One of my users needs crystal reports and still uses it weekly.  It's time to update off of an old 2003 server so I setup a new Windows 2012 R2 server so that she and others can RDP into it and use the application and reports (it's a payroll