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  • Widgets on Symbian Belle (Nokia N8-00 from Argenti... Updated:10-11

    With the arrival of the update to Symbian Belle I realized that Nokia forgot to place multiple widgets that were present in the leaked versions of Belle months ago. Some of them are in the following images. Widget mini music player: Belle has a music

  • Mobile Data Widget N8 Symbian Belle Updated:11-30

    I have just upgraded my N8 to Symbian Belle.  I now have a widget called Mobile Data but have no idea what this should be used for or when it should be on or off. Can anyone offer any advice????Mobile data off - No access to internet. Mobile data on

  • Flip clock widget for symbian belle FP2 Updated:11-30

    Hi, I tired install flip clock widget in symbian but I get error message: Can not install! Built-in components. What's the problem?Restart your device , then open the maps - Open Weather from Menu - Then add the widget ( don't close map & Weather unt

  • Nokia 701 Symbian Belle Widget problem Updated:10-11

    when i see previews of themes on nokia store, there are some widgets that i don't have on my Nokia 701 (latest software update)...for example the (3G On/Off) widget and some others too, is there any place where i can get these widgets ? Solved! Go to

  • E7-00 Symbian Belle - Widgets loose colors Updated:11-30

    After installing the Symbian Belle latest updates on these phones, most of the Widgets lost their colors. Now most of them are only in white. (I have 2 of these for the moment) Although it does not had an impact on the functionality, it sure would lo

  • Help with symbian belle widgets Updated:11-30

    I have installed some third party transparent widgets that replaced my old widgets, I tried to revert to the old original widgets but I can't, I removed the installation and I got the widget no more existing, I tried installing some widget from a lea

  • Disappointed with Symbian Belle! Pros vs Cons Updated:10-11

    I accept that I'm probably in the minority here, as a lot of you seem to be banging on about how great Belle is, but I personally dislike it! In fact, I would go as far as saying I HATE Symbian Belle, after coming from Symbian Anna! First of all, I'd

  • All about Symbian Belle Problems. Updated:10-11

    Hi, Here are my full list of problems, suggestion i would like to  keep infront of you. I sent the problems via ''CONTACT US'' and to some Nokia employee via PM but they just can't.... No problem is solved in software update. Of Course that's really

  • Nokia N8 Symbian Belle - A downgrade of sophistica... Updated:10-11

    Dear Sirs, I am writing to you in regards of the latest Belle update for Nokia N8. I am deeply disappointed with some of the features and i would like to bring those to your attention. Dont get me wrong, as an update, Belle its nice and looks very be

  • Symbian Belle Update OTA Updated:11-30

    Several Symbian Anna devices are already receiving the Nokia Belle updates. Let me know if you've received the Belle update via official channels whether via Nokia Suite or OTA on your phones.I did not recieve any notification on the update being ava

  • Nokia 500 Symbian Belle? Updated:11-30

    Why has postponed the launch of Symbian Belle nokia 500? So large are the problems that we are still delay? Solved! Go to Solution.Nokia Belle is specifically tailored to each phone model, including the  Nokia 500. Due to technical specifications, No

  • Nokia 500 Review on Symbian Belle Updated:11-30

    After the update screen went through, I had my fingers crossed, and despite the screen saying “15 minutes remaining,” the update was finished in about 5 minutes. Upon startup, there was a line of dots (….) which lighted up on after the other sort of

  • When symbian belle updation come for nokia 500 Updated:11-30

    .. plz.. i want to know when symbian belle updation come for nokia 500Nokia Belle is specifically tailored to each phone model, including the  Nokia 500. Due to technical specifications, Nokia Belle for Nokia 500 differs to other Nokia Belle phones i

  • BBC I Player corrupted symbian belle Updated:11-30

    Ive got a Nokia 700 running Symbian Belle.  For some reason the BBC I player app has corrupted.  When i open the applications menu it shows up as BBC I Player but hasnt got the BBC I player logo just the text underneath.  When i tried to open the app

  • Adobe Photoshop for Symbian Belle phones Updated:10-11

    Why an adobe photoshop aplication wasn't released for symbian belle devices especially for N8, 808 pureview. These are the two best camera phones ever released. Adobe photoshop app is available for windows phones & andriod phones...then why not for s

  • How to download Adobe Flash Player Lite 2.1 for Symbian Belle? Updated:10-11

    Greetings. I would Like to ask if someone would be so kind and tell me where or how couls I download Adobe Flash Player ite 2.1 for Symbian Belle? I registered on Adobe and gone to downloading page clicked to link : Download the free Flash Lite 2.1 p

  • Nokia N8 Symbian Belle - Mobile Data Auto Connecti... Updated:10-11

    I have recently updated my n8 to symbian belle and I am having trouble in disabling the mobile data. For some reason the 3G connection icon keeps on beeping in the menu bar. It keeps on trying to connect to packet data even though i have disabled  th

  • Google maps not working with symbian belle upgrade Updated:10-11

    guys after recent upgrade with symbian belle google maps stopped working is there any problem will belle dose it support google maps 4.1.1For those people still can't get Google map to work on Belle after the Wifi trick, a hard reset finally fixed mi

  • Nokia 500 symbian belle w/ NFC support? Updated:10-11

    i wonder if i upgrade to symbian belle on my nokia 500, will it able to add NFC support? TY Nokia user since 2004. Owned 3310, 1100, 3300, 6600, 6300, 5310, 5130, N79, 5800. Owns: 6230 (still alive) and 500.... Solved! Go to Solution.Well the Nokia "

  • E7 Symbian Belle - MMS problems Updated:10-11

    I own an Nokia E7 with Symbian Belle installed. The MMS are received very small 240x240... even when they are sent in larger formats. The E7 resizes the MMS to that size. I changed the MMS settings to free mode and large image, but the problem remain