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why wont bbm video call work

  • Encore wont play video files Updated:10-11

    I recently upgraded encore from ver.2 to cs3 and find that ver.cs3 wont play video files. It wont play the file in the project window, it just stops at the first frame. If I move the slider below the viewer the video material is updated but it wont p

  • Photoshop wont import video frames to layers Updated:11-30

    I'm running CS5 and have quicktime installed on a windows system,  however quicktime wont load videos either (suspect this might be the issue). They're both updated to the  latest edition and have been reinstalled with no luck. I've downloaded DivX t

  • There are diagonal stripes on some clips on the timeline and wont play video in the program monitor. Updated:11-30

    After reconnecting some origianl files after a hard drive crashed, there are diagonal stripes on some clips on the timeline that wont play video in the program monitor. They do however play in the source monitor.Those stripes are most likely the miss

  • Q10 - BBM Video Dilemna Updated:11-30

    I recently upgraded from the Torch to Q10.  Previous advertising of the Q10 and on BlackBerry's website, I should be able to do a BBM Video Chat on my mobile network, right?  But why can't I?  I can only do a BBM Video Chat when I'm in a wi-fi area. 

  • YouTube wont play videos Updated:11-30

    Just within the last few days Youtube wont play videos. Any ideas why this might be they work in IE.Please give more details. Is this with just YouTube, or are there any problems on other sites? What does / does not happen? Does the web page load? Ar

  • BBM Video Updated:11-30

    The other day a friend of mine wanted to test his Playbook video chat so he sent me a text message telling me that he would be calling within the next few minutes, soon after I received his message I hear my Playbook ringing for a Video chat, as I wa

  • BBM video contact not available Updated:11-30

    I have a z30 and the wife has my old z10. When I try to connect bbm video to the z10 it says contact not available for bbm video,  What am I doing wrong? I'm new to bbm as it isHello Welcome to I suggest the follow

  • My iphone 5 wont record just remains still and stuck... Updated:11-30

    my iphone 5 wont record just remains still and stuck...can get it to work. Any ideas?Standard troubleshooting... Try a Restart by pressing the sleep/lock button until you see the slider.  Slide to power off.  Restart by pressing the sleep/

  • BBM video chat has no voice??? Updated:11-30

    Can't hear anything on BBM chat, neither can the other person hear me. Help, this is rather frustrating Solved! Go to Solution.Start with a battery pull on both ends.  You and the other user should both remove your batteries while your phones are pow

  • BBM Video Chat Offline Updated:11-30

    Yesterday I could chat with my BBM contacts with video chat and now today the option is gone! The video camera icon is gone from any of my BBM contacts that I can chat with. And anyone trying to video chat with me it shows that I am offline! Anyone h

  • My ipod wont copy videos and... Updated:11-30

    ok i have 2 questions: itunes wont transfer videos to my ipod. says attemping to copy to ----- ipod failed. the disk could not be copied or written to. i think it´s because my usb port it´s not high speed. should i get one? where i can find one?

  • My ipod 5th gen. 30 gig wont play video on to tv!! need help, please! Updated:10-11

    Hi, I have searched and have found no answer. My ipod wont play on the tv. I don't have a offical Apple cable that plugs into the headphone jack to the tv. But I have a cable that I have found laying around my house that is exactly the same. It has a

  • ITunes wont load video Updated:10-11

    I downloaded some new videos from the itunes store, and when I went to open them, nothing, not audio or video, played!oh my goodness i have the exact same problem!!!!!! okay, so i downloaded some cool music videos and stuff from itunes store, everyth

  • Quicktime wont play video content from youtube Updated:10-11

    hi there i recently purchased an imac i have been sent a link to a video on the youtube web site when i try to view the video all i get is the quicktime symbol with a question mark in it. could anyone please tell me how to view the video i have alrea

  • Latest Adobe Flash Player keeps asking "Allow" and wont play videos Updated:10-11

    Hi, Since the latest update of Adobe Flash Player 17 i cant get videos who depend on it to play anymore. Im running latest Internet Explorer in Windows 7 and all was fine until the latest update of the flash player a couple of days ago. The issue is

  • Quicktime wont play video ANY VIDEO and I cant fix it Updated:11-30

    I have downloaded all of the software on the quicktime website and it still wont play any of my videos. all of my stuff has different extensions and i have tried a ton of varieties of them but still nothing. Does anyone know what i could use to fix t

  • Nano wont update, wont play video Updated:11-30

    I just bought my two little sisters both ipod nano's and when i try to add video it wont go on the ipod, and it keeps telling me to update the ipod software but when i do, it downloads and freezes and says intunes network is unavailable. I've tried t

  • New ipad wont play videos on facebook Updated:11-30

    i have the NEW IPAD (4G) and whenever i try to view videos on FACEBOOK, it wont play. It opened a browser and a play icon appears. I was able to play it on my laptop and saw the video without problem.It's likely that those particular videos require F

  • IPod wont download videos purchased from i tunes please help. Updated:11-30

    itunes shows that the tv shows are there but they wont transfer when i updateSmae problem here ??? I have a 60gb ipod video and cannot synch the "for the birds" video purchased from itunes. I have updted all my ipod and itunes software to no ava

  • Why wont elements video  work Updated:11-30

    I have just ugraded to elements 12 fro 9 and the video editor side wont load although 9 was also a bust. It asks me to sign in and when I do nothing happens I can click on new project or existing and the little stripe does its thing then nothingbrown