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whatsapp nokia v 07.42 dounlod

  • Help needed to uninstall whatsapp nokia 5230 Updated:10-11

    who can help me to uninstall whatsapp from my nokia 5230, I cannot remove the app and it is eating batterys so I really want to have it removed as soon as possible Solved! Go to [email protected] You would need to backup essential data first, then

  • How to Create an Account on Whatsapp - Nokia C3-00 Updated:11-30

    Plz help frndz..... I have using C3-00 when i was sign up for whatsapp the connecting is only coming how can i create account on whatsapp from C3-00 Moderator's Note: The subject was amended as the post was moved to the more appropriate board.Make su

  • Certificate for whatsapp nokia asha 503 Updated:11-30

    i cant get the certificate for whatsapp on my nokia asha 503Hi, johny11. Can we have the exact certificate error you're getting? Is the app from the Nokia Store? Can you set your phone's date & time settings to 1 year ago & download the app? To cu

  • Notifications screen nokia 808 Updated:11-30

    Hello, Nokia, in several interviews, is committed to monitoring support for its models symbian until 2016. Just then raise a claim. Housing days to provide more, not regression. The type of screen technology used supports the arrival and the presence

  • Whatsapp on Nokia E7 Updated:10-11

    I am using nokia E7 and when I am using Whatsapp messenger it is working only on Network Data and not on Wifi... When I am at home wifi is connected. All other applications like nimbuzz is working on wifi but whatsapp need network data. Can any1 help

  • Nokia Asha 503 Whatsapp problem Updated:10-11

    I have been frequently asked to upgrade with a message given below - Expired This copy of WhatsApp has expired. Please click upgrade to start the upgrade process. Upgrade  |   Exit When I did the last few times all the whatsapp data is gone nothing c

  • Whatsapp for nokia asha 200 Updated:10-11

    As there are many dual sim phones in market which supports whatsapp, i want to give advice or suggestion to nokia developer community that they should make asha 200 compatible for whatsapp as in asha 201 in there next software update. It doesn't matt

  • Cant use whatsapp in nokia asha 305 Updated:10-11

    Is there any working version of whatsapp for nokia asha 305?? it is available for almost all other s40 phones !!!! Nokia Asha Lover..... and Proud to be a Nokian If this post helped you, don't forget!! click on the white staras this is a user to user

  • No whatsapp in app store? (Nokia 920, UAE) Updated:10-11

    Just bought Nokia 920, in Dubai and noticed no whatsapp in App Store. Went to Whatsapp's site and clicked on DOWNLOAD. It took me to the App Store with whatsapp but it says no download available What's the issue here? Solved! Go to Solution.Lately it

  • No WhatsApp in Nokia Lumia 520 Updated:10-11

    Why there is no WhatsApp in Nokia Lumia 520 ! Not in Windows Store for Nokia Lumia 520. Seven days back it was there.Welcome to Nokia Discussions, sanjaygoodearth. According to Nokia Care: "The WhatsApp app has been temporarily removed from the Windo

  • Sending videos through whatsapp in nokia lumia 520 Updated:10-11

    hey so i been using whatsapp in my nokia lumia 520., i can recieve videos from friends and even forward the videos to others also.  But what i can't seem to do is send other videos that are there in my memory card/internal memory to other users thru

  • Speed of whatsapp with Nokia Asha 302 Updated:10-11

    I am a long time Nokia fan and wanted to buy Nokia Asha 302. I would prefer having a qwerty physical keypad and this is the best option available in Nokia now. I am using an android phone too with 1.2GHZ dual core processor + 1 GB RAM and 16 GB inter

  • Whatsapp update on nokia n8 anna Updated:11-30

    Hello, I am using Whatsapp, and there is an update option from with in the app.  When I try it - it asks to close whatsapp, then starts to install, but just hangs.  tried rebooting the phone... I suspect it is because Whatsapp never really closes on

  • Who has nokia 701 and WhatsApp ? Please enter Updated:11-30

    I'd like to know if turning 3G off on the nokia 701 (or any nokia belle), and being in an area without wifi - Will whatsapp still work? Because from what I understand, Whatsapp is always connected. Does that mean that Whatsapp will force my phone to

  • How to download Whatsapp in Nokia 202? Updated:11-30

    How to download whatsapp in nokia 202? Moderator's Note: Post was moved and changed the title into a subject-related title. This is to keep the forum organized and let other forum users easily see and respond to this post.Does this help? Because I ha

  • Problem in Nokia C7 while using Whatsapp appplicat... Updated:11-30

    I am using whatsapp on my Nokia C7 & for some reason I cannot make phone calls but I am able recieve calls, send normal text messages (sms' not using whatsapp) & able to surf internt. Each time i have to remove/uninstall whatsapp application to ma

  • Whatsapp for nokia x2-02 Updated:11-30

    why cant my nokia x2-02 use whatsappAs per THIS, the application is not available for your device. Contact the developers for further info.Read other 3 answers

  • [Ask] Whatsapp Problem Nokia 206 Updated:11-30

    my whatsapp notification does not appear, what's the solution? in whatsapp settings, notification is turned on. but in notification app, whatsapp is not there..Hi, officialirsan. Welcome to the Nokia Support Discussions! When did it start to happen?

  • I can't download whatsapp for my nokia x2-02. Updated:11-30

    I can't download whatsapp for my nokia x2-02,please help me or suggest some link for meHi, mmaphuti. Welcome to Nokia Support Discussions! You are unable to download the app because Nokia X2-02 does not support it: We sug

  • WhatsApp/WhatsApp Plus is not working in my Nokia ... Updated:11-30

    I have been using Nokia X since last 3 months. I have downloaded whatsapp, used it. One day an error came, I downloaded WhatsApp Plus. It was working fine till yesterday. I had an updated version of WhatsApp Plus i.e 6.0 I updated it yeasterday itsel