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Whats mean the t-code qp01 key date

  • Bank detials Maintained in Vendor master data with out Sort code / Bank Key Updated:11-30

    Hi We have a Requirement of creating Japanese bank details in Vendor Master Record. But No Bank key / sort code is available. Even for Russian Bank accounts we donu2019t have any bank key / sort code available from client. System does not allow to cr

  • Table for Customer and vendor open balance on a key date Updated:10-11

    Dear All, Can anyone please let me know Table for Customer and vendor open balance on a key date. We are developing one customized report. I have checked with the below table : Customer-KNC1, KNC3,BSID, BSAD Vendor-LFC1, LFC3, BSIK, BSAK. But these a

  • FI-CA Open Items based on key date Business Content Updated:10-11

    Hi, I am using BI content infocube 0FC_C07 to extract contract account open items data. Our requirement is to do the data load weekly basis based on key date. I have enhanced the extractor and i can see data for the enhanced fields in RSA3. But now,

  • G/L account key date Updated:10-11

    Hi Experts,         I need to generte a report for open items in the G/L account , based on the  <b>key date field..</b> please guide me.. from which table i need to retrieve the data. Not based on posting date or document date.. it should be

  • Key date for a query Updated:10-11

    Dear All, I have created a customer exit variable on key date of a query. With this input variable i am first asking user to input one particular date say he enters 31.12.2010 then i am trying to add 1 more day to it and making it 01.01.2011. I have

  • Key Date a Customer Exit and Variant use Updated:10-11

    Hello,   I have a query and it includes time dependent data. The key date uses a  variable that is filled with the current date in a customer exit. Works nicely when the query is executed. However, if I save a variant with various values for variable

  • Exception CX_SY_MOVE_CAST_ERROR when Process Reassignments for Key Date Results Updated:10-11

    Hi Experts, I got an exception error when process reassignments for key date results(transaction code /BA1/FG_PR_KR_REASS) in BANK ANALYZER, did anyone get the same problem before? any solutions? the process sequences is listed below: 1,,Set SDL Time

  • Making key date variable optional on selection screen Updated:10-11

    Hi All, My query is based on time dependent data and I want user to specify key date during execution. I created variable for the same with setting "Optional". But still it asks user to enter key date everytime as if it is a mandatory. Is there

  • Key date issue Updated:11-30

    hello,      I am having a scenario where I am having two Info objects 0VALIDFROM and 0VALIDTO date info objetcs. requirement is that if i give a key date. It should check both the dates in record and if it lies in between of 0VALIDFROM and 0VALIDTO d

  • Stock Report on Key date. Updated:11-30

    Hi, I want to have a report which gives stock available on key dates. Is there any standard report available in sap. Thanks in advance VRHHI, Using T-code MB5B - Stock on Posting Date, the following input data to be given as follows. Company Code : _

  • ISU FICA: Fetching Key date based open item list Updated:11-30

    Hi, Our production system has a setting to kill SELECT query if it’s running for more than 12 hours without any updates. We want to fetch all open items from DFKKOP table for any given date (could be a past date), company code, business area and reco

  • Determine key date at runtime for time-dependant hierarchies Updated:11-30

    Hello all, I have to develop a query based on time-dependant  and version-dependant hierarchy. I have selection variables for - Fiscal year posting period version and hierarchy . I want to achieve this - First I want to enter Fiscal Period and postin

  • Key Date of the aggregate Updated:11-30

    Hi Experts, I have created an aggregate that contains a time-dependent component, and also assigned the aggregate a key date 'Variable' (End of prior week). I have defined, checked and activated 'ZEPRWK' in the program ZXRSRU01. Currently the result

  • Function Module - Calculate 5 weeks lookup based on -7 increments from the Key Date Updated:11-30

    Hi Guys, I am looking to create a variable on Fiscal Period/Year, that automatically populates the variable with the previous 5 weeks based on -7 increments from the key date , when the user runs the query . For Example: If key date is 03/11/2014 nee

  • Use of Key Date in Virtual Key Figure Calculation Updated:11-30

    I have a virtual key figure whose value depends in part on the key date entered by the user.  I have the VKF set up with a dummy calculation, and it is working OK. How do I refer to the value of the key date in the code that assigns the VKF value? Th

  • Key date in query designer Updated:11-30

    Hi All, I have a requirements to read data based on t.code S_AHR_61016403 by using Trip Begins On date and filter by receipt date therefore I'm using DS 0FI_TV_01 and able to get data into Cube level correctly. In Query designer, I have to use trip b

  • Upload external  cap file: jcshell: Error code: 6a80 (Wrong data)? Updated:11-30

    Hi, i use eclipse + NXP JCOP Plugins_Generic3.2.8_Target ,the card is jcop31v232. if the cap file is generated by eclipse project , when i upload exteral cap file ,no error but if the cap file is generated by converter command ,there is  error what e

  • User exit to get Calday from Calmonth to populate Key Date Updated:11-30

    Gurus we have a requirement to populate key date using exit variable where the user is going to fill in the Calmonth and the last day of the month should go to Key date at query run time. Would you please advise the sample code I can write to achieve

  • Can you buy serial codes/product keys for CS3? Updated:11-30

    Im looking to buy CS3 (please don't ask why not CS4 or 5), off of a friend who has a genuine copy which has never been installed. He has lost manuals and the product keys. He says i can buy a product key for it? Is this right, or a load of rubbish? I

  • Variable with low value as first day of year and high as  key date Updated:11-30

    hi all,             i need to create a variable with key date for which the low value should be 1st day of the year, means if i enter a key date (5/9/06) the values to  appear should be from 1/1/06 to  5/9/06. If i want the manipulation based on key