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what is differnce kp06 and kp26 in sap

  • Difference between KP06 and KP26 Updated:11-30

    Hi, Could anyone explain me when to use KP06 and when to use KP26 and the basic technical difference between these two transaction codes. Regards, DSKHi, KP06 is used to plan the primary costs (cost elements). You can do it activity dependent or inde

  • Kp06 kpf6 kp26 layout Updated:11-30

    Hi All, I notice all the above when i use the same planner profile and same layout, they are displaying the same on initial screen. So may I know why need to have so many tcode as they may create confusion so many planning tcode. Any advice? ThanksHi

  • Kp06 - kp26 Updated:11-30

    hi gurus, i had a confusion in this area.  please let me know the difference.  as per as my knowledge in KP06 u have to give ur COST ELEMENT and COST CENTER,  in KP26 we have to give ATY TYPE and COST CENTER. in above senario, we have to do planning

  • How to load budgeted sales dollars into SAP. Updated:11-30

    hello experts we are using ecc 5.0 pl advise how how to load budgeted sales dollars into SAP thnks vinodHello, Budgets are like threshold figures where your actuals cannot exceed your budgets. Whereas, planned data is for variance analysis with your

  • KP26 Planned Actvity Updated:11-30

    Dear All, Can you let me know what is the use of Planned activity / Capacity in KP26  and also Price(fixed) and Variable,etc and how it influence while executing the transaction( Cost Extimation). How the system makes the calculation. explain with an

  • Apportionment of semi variable cost Updated:11-30

    Dear SAP Gurus, We define the cost components in the cost component structure (OKTZ) with attributes as variable or fixed and variable costs. Suppose if we define one component with attribute as fixed and variable - where do we maintain the settings

  • Qty and Date Variance using Purchasing InfoCube Updated:10-11

    Using Purchasing Cube, I want to find out the Qty Variance and Date variance, Iu2019m calculating these using GR Posting date and Requested Delivery Date and GR Qty and Qty in UoM. Iu2019ve the following doubts: 1.     In order to calculate the Varia

  • Who deleted or changed data Updated:10-11

    Hi All, Is there a transaction to know to who deleted the plan version or changed the plan version in KP97? and  t code to find who deleted or changed master data in finance. Our posting periods T001B have also been changed and amounts posted to wron

  • Activity type - actual cost automatic updation Updated:11-30

    Hello Gurus I have done KL01 KP06 and  KP26  transactions. That is I ahve defined the activity and assignes a cost conter to it. i need some report , when i will  check  the     tcode    S_ALR_87013611 - Cost Centers: Actual/Plan/Variance Here  my ac

  • Difference type of activity Updated:11-30

    Dear Sir/Madam,        What is the difference between Kp26 And Kp06 And kb21n Tell me if i'm wrong !! KP06 is for cost center(production / Non prdn) cost element planning KP26 is for production cost center with activity planning KB21N  is for which r

  • Required entry field "Trip Activity Type" is empty Updated:11-30

    In Travel management , when I create a travel request, Activity Type is a required field, I select a activity type when I try to save the travel request I get  this error. Required entry field "Trip Activity Type" is empty Message no. PTRA_WEB_I

  • Variance in Activity Updated:11-30

    I am currently working on an implementation project in a complex make to order scenario in which I am using valuated sales order stock. For product costing perspective, I have created thee activity types FOH, Material and labour for product costing a

  • Detect deleted or changed members Updated:11-30

    Hi, I am processing time dimension. while processing it is not moving forward from "Detect Deleted or changed members" step. Usually it takes about 2-3 mts or some times 5 mts, It is hanging about hour and half and never moves forward. can any o

  • Layouts in planning Updated:11-30

    Hi, Can any body tell me about the Layouts in Planning (kp06 and KP26) eg 1-101, 1-102p . why there are different layouts in kp06. Please explain with example. RegardsHI, if the layout is defined as "MS Excel integrated" an MS Excel sheet appear

  • Activity Type Price Updated:11-30

    Is it possible to maintain  Activity Type Price in Currency other than Co Code and Cont Area? If yes then How?Hi, Check with this.The activity amount you are planning in KP06 & KP26 with activity quantity & after run KSPI the rate will calculate &

  • How to Run a Cost Estimate with Budgeted Values parallel to the Std Cost Estiamte Updated:11-30

    Hi Experts, My client want to run a parallel cost estimate with Budgeted values for each type of cost in a similar process like standard cost estimate(currently only Std business run only the std. cost estimate). Below will be provided to run the sai

  • Reg:Cost Estimate without Quantity Structure Updated:11-30

    Hi Guru's, For Cost Estimate with Quantity Structure we need to run the following T.Codes.... 1) KP06 2) KP26 3) KSPI 4) CS01 5) CA01 6) CR01 7) CK11N 8) CK24 I want what are the T.Codes for Cost Estimate without Quantity StructureHi, while am doing

  • Revaluation of actual prices Updated:11-30

    Dear experts,                 Generally we do price calculation in KSII, that is standard price calculation. After planning in kp06 and kp26 we do this calculation. For actual confirmations also ( in  CO11N ), we use the same price ( that means stand

  • Calculating Planned Prices Updated:11-30

    Hi, Can any one pls explain what is the exact function of T Codes KP06 and KP26 and KSPI. I have planned quantities for the cost elements and activity wise, after that I have entered the price for that particular activity in KP26, and then I calculat

  • Activity pricing (KSPI) Updated:11-30

    Hi, I am facing some problem in  price calculation (T-code KSPI). As per my understanding price calculated in KSPI is the division of Plan fixed cost entered in KP06 by Plan activity entered in KP26. (i.e KP06 value /KP26 Value.) In our case, the val