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what causes untiled download

  • My phone wont let me download apps Updated:10-11

    I tried updating apps on my iphone. When I click update all it acts like it's going to download. Then it tells me there's an error. I put in my billing information but it still won't download them. I don't know what to do.What is the error?Read other

  • Downloads to wrong folder Updated:10-11

    Hello, When I sync music or podcasts onto my ipod nano (4th generation 16 GB) from my powerbook (OS X 10.4.11) using itunes (9.0.2) it appears, on the summary page of itunes, to be downloading into the correct blue audio folder however once the ipod

  • Download error in (osx) adobe desktop app (corrupted download link). Updated:10-11

    Here is a discription of the problem. Please consider that some of the wording might not be correct, as I do have to translate the error message from German into English. Using OSX 10.9.2, when clicking inside the adobe desktop app (top of the screen

  • I am using Adobe Creative cloud enterprise version. I tried to download assets from newly launched Adobe Market place. It is saying that this feature is only available for premium paid customer. So Adobe CC enterprise is paid version. Why is it again aski Updated:10-11

    Guys, Any idea why I am unable to download assets from Adobe Market Place. I am using Adobe CC enterprise.Cloud Market may help -and other 2

  • Problems Downloading: Adobe Creative Cloud Enterprise-Package Updated:10-11

    I am a Adobe Creative Cloud Enterprise Administrator. I have gone through the steps of logging in, inputting our serial number, selecting the applications for the package and then downloading the package. The problem is that the download stops at 2%.

  • Adobe cloud download products on new computer Updated:10-11

    I have used ADOBE CLOUD on a laptop for over a year after downloading files to a laptop computer.  Now I need to install on a new computer. Where do I access these file?  I do not want a FREE TRIAL, I already pay a monthly membership for small busine

  • Music downloads to the wrong folder Updated:10-11

    Hi. I'm running Mountain Lion on my MacBook Pro and understand that music, movies, TV shows, etc., should download to their respective folders within the 'iTunes Media" folder, which is located here: User --> Music --> iTunes --> iTunes Medi

  • Quicklook downloads attachments to wrong folder Updated:10-11

    Tried searching for this but came up empty so I want to try and see if others are wondering why Quicklook in Mail downloads the attachment to a folder different from the one I specified as my Downloads folder, in my case, my Desktop Folder. I receive

  • Image Browser downloads to wrong folder Updated:10-11

    I couldn't find a better category for this question than iPhoto. Sorry if there is one. I just got a Canon powershot A630 camera. it's great. I was using iPhoto to download images and that was fine. But I thought the Image Browser software that came

  • I have bought a film from itunes and the credit has come out of my account, but i can't find the film anywhere, it said it was downloading, then i left the laptop and on return i couldn't find the film. how do i find the film? Updated:10-11

    i have bought a film from itunes and the credit has come out of my account, but i can't find the film anywhere, it said it was downloading, then i left the laptop and on return i couldn't find the film. how do i find the film?Maybe it is in the Purch

  • Downloads going into wrong folder Updated:10-11

    I have it set up so that when downloading any apps etc from the iTunes store that they go into a specific folder, but they are being downloaded into the default C: Users/my name/My Music/iTunes/mobile applications every time. Obviously I can copy the

  • Downloads disappear from folder Updated:10-11

    I have downloaded some music and when it has completed the task, the download file disappears. Hasn't done this before, files always remain in download folder.Launch Finder. Finder > File > Find When the Finder window opens up, enter the name of the


    I have founbd a further problem somewhat related to my previous posting today. My Windows live Mail is downloading the emails which BT has been moved to the trash folder.  Surely if they have been regarded as trash, it should not be possible for them

  • Downloads saving to wrong location Updated:10-11

    I changed the value for Downloads, Save Files to My Documents\Downloads but files are still being saved to C:\Documents and Settings\user\Local Settings\Temp.Oh right i forgot the first answer to every problem is "reinstall firefox". Does anyone

  • I have upgraded from 3.5 to 4.1 , it downloads to the folder but still uses the 3.5 Updated:10-11

    I'm getting an urgent to update on my screen so I have updated from 3.5 to 4.1 , it has down loaded to the firefox folder but still brings up the old firerfox. I have downloaded it 3 times and rebooted around 6 times but still the same screen telling

  • A better way to move downloads to appropriate folder? Updated:10-11

    I'm setting up a new iMac with 10.6 for a friend who came over from Windows. One tidbit she would like to be more efficient at is handling downloaded attachments from Yahoo Mail, specifically PDFs. In Yahoo Mail using IE if say a PDF attachment is cl

  • Podcast episodes download to wrong folder. How can I move them? Updated:10-11

    Some of my downloaded podcast episodes seem to be going to incorrect folders. For example, I subscribe to the Photoshop TV podcast. Some of the downloaded episodes go into the iTunes Music folder>Podcasts>Photoshop TV folder. This seems to me to be

  • Podcast client downloads to wrong memory Updated:10-11

    The podcast client on my N95 8GB have begun the annoying habit of saving downloaded podcasts the the phone memory, and not to the 8GB mass storage unit, where it used to put them.  Any ideas on how to rectify this problem? The podcast client on my N9

  • I tunes downloads to wrong drive Updated:10-11

    Hi guys some help please. When I download the latest I tunes 9.1.1 is wants to install to drice "G" which I don't have I want it to download on "C". Any ideas?Hey there, One thing you should check is where your iTunes searches for your

  • .jnlp downloading to wrong folder Updated:10-11

    Ok, this is totally strange. Now my Java applet is downloading to Please look at the path that it is downloading to. VERY STRANGE. Yes, I do have Safari settings to download all files to th