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we19 Incorrect function module called up

  • Status : 51- Incorrect function module IDOC_INPUT_MATMAS01 called up Updated:10-11

    Hello, File - IDOC in MONI, checkered flag is shown up and when I go the R3 server, WE05, I get error message Status : 51 Incorrect function module IDOC_INPUT_MATMAS01 called up I am using MATMAS04 without extension and updated the same in WE57. also

  • How to create IDOC from Function module or RFC Updated:10-11

    Hi all,         I have tested one inbound IDOC for Time Upload to CAT2 using basic type "CATS_INSERT01"  in WE19 through function module BAPI_IDOC_INPUT1 .It works well. Now i need to create this IDOC once the sale order gets created thru BAPI.

  • In WE19 getting error Message as Function module missing Updated:10-11

    Hi Friends, I need to debug the Inbound function module so in WE19 i am providing the IDOC number and clicking on the Inbound function module then i am getting pop-up i am able to select my function module name and checking the Fore ground processing

  • Error in function module  for inbound processingwhile testing from we19 Updated:10-11

    hi, I have developed a custom function module for processing inbound idoc for creating material using bdc...the problem is that when i am trying to test my idoc using we19 and calling my function module in debug mode an error is displayed showing 'in

  • Error while Testing the Inbound Function Module Updated:10-11

    Hi,        I have created a Z Function Module (Posting Program) for Testing the EDI Shipment Tender Status. When I try to process the IDoc with the Transaction WE19 and when I enter the name of the Z function Module , it gives me an error saying that

  • Error while passing a table to a function module Updated:10-11

    Hi Iam passing a table g_tab of length 376 flat structure to the function module..under TABLES section parameter. Changedocument_read_headers. iam getting a complile time error like the below displayed thing. Can u tell me how to solve this ? In the

  • Is there any BAPI or function module  to delete entries from a table (VBAK) Updated:10-11

    Hi Everybody, this is my first thread in SDN... my problem follows... A report is be created that selects all sales orders created by e-Sales that are more than 20 minutes old and still have a delivery block: tables: VBAK     sales document: header d

  • System failure, during call of function module RSWR_RFC_SERVICE_TEST Updated:10-11

    Hi Team,      I am working with BW and Portal Integration, with the Netweaver 2004s SP 11 version. I have a issue when i run the RSPOR_SETUP program to test the configuration. The error is on status 5 and 12, i get the following error: System failure

  • Short Dump while executing function module "IDOC_INPUT" Updated:10-11

    Dear Friends, We are trying to execute the function module "IODC_INPUT" and getting a short dump. Basically the scnario is that we are trying to change an IDOC through transaction WE19 and then we execute the same by pressing tab "STANDARD

  • JDBC to IDoc (Custom inbound function module) Updated:10-11

    Hi, In my scenario JDBC to IDoc, I am using a custom function module to change the planned order. When I exectue the function module in WE19, it works fine and the IDoc status is also updated correctly. But when I execute the entire interface right f