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we19 Incorrect function module called up

  • Status : 51- Incorrect function module IDOC_INPUT_MATMAS01 called up Updated:10-11

    Hello, File - IDOC in MONI, checkered flag is shown up and when I go the R3 server, WE05, I get error message Status : 51 Incorrect function module IDOC_INPUT_MATMAS01 called up I am using MATMAS04 without extension and updated the same in WE57. also

  • IDOC: Incorrect function module problem Updated:11-30

    Hi, I am working on inbound IDOC processing. I created an extension for an IDOC. I created custom segment & included it in the extension that I created. The Message type was also custom. (I merely copied an existing standard Message Type for some oth

  • Idoc - Error Status 51: Incorrect function module called up Updated:11-30

    Hi, In the receiver system for the custom message type, I got this error. Incorrect function module called up Can any one pls help me to solve this one. Regards, Bala RajaHi Bala,      Check the inbound function module attached to process code in rec

  • How to create IDOC from Function module or RFC Updated:10-11

    Hi all,         I have tested one inbound IDOC for Time Upload to CAT2 using basic type "CATS_INSERT01"  in WE19 through function module BAPI_IDOC_INPUT1 .It works well. Now i need to create this IDOC once the sale order gets created thru BAPI.

  • Inbound function module for IDoc type INFRECMASS01 Updated:11-30

    Hello everybody, What is the inbound function module for IDoc type INFRECMASS01? I tried IDOC_INPUT_INFREC (as for IDoc INFREC01), but I got the following message (B1 044): Incorrect function module IDOC_INPUT_INFREC called up Thanks in advance Rolan

  • In WE19 getting error Message as Function module missing Updated:10-11

    Hi Friends, I need to debug the Inbound function module so in WE19 i am providing the IDOC number and clicking on the Inbound function module then i am getting pop-up i am able to select my function module name and checking the Fore ground processing

  • Error in function module  for inbound processingwhile testing from we19 Updated:10-11

    hi, I have developed a custom function module for processing inbound idoc for creating material using bdc...the problem is that when i am trying to test my idoc using we19 and calling my function module in debug mode an error is displayed showing 'in

  • Interface for function module is incorrect in ALE inbound processing Updated:11-30

    I have created a custom function module and i assign this FM to the custom process code for ALE INBOUND process and  i already assigned this Fm to message type and basictype in Tcode we57.i have assigned this process code to the msgtype in WE20 also.

  • Shortdump occured due to function module called incorrectly Updated:11-30

    Hi experts! Iam loading the deltas from 2lis_40_reval into 3 cubes. In one cube the dataload is successful,but in other two cubes deltas are unsuccessful.B'coz a shortdump was occured due to function module was called incorrectly. can any expert give

  • EMMA Log Error:  Incorrect parameter X_VSTELLE (X_EVBS) in function module Updated:11-30

    Hi Experts, We have errors on our EMMA log for invoicing (EA29) of Incorrect parameter X_VSTELLE (X_EVBS) in function module ISU_ADDRESS_PROVIDE.  These errors are occuring on final invoices for customers that have been moved out of installations tha

  • User Exit ZXEDFU02 skipped in Inbound function module (WE19) Updated:11-30

    Hi! when I choose Inbound function module in WE19, User Exit ZXEDFU02 is beeing skipped... or al least it seems so (not stopping at breakpoint in Exit). But I need to add some lines to a segment, so need this Exit. PS: I try to add some lines to Invo

  • Calling syntactically incorrect remote function module triggers short dump Updated:11-30

    Hi, I have some Z Function modules in ABC system and i need to call them remotely from XYZ. There are some syntax errors in the FM's of ABC system so in the call of XYZ I am getting dump. Can I know how to capture if there is any syntax error in the

  • Error while Testing the Inbound Function Module Updated:10-11

    Hi,        I have created a Z Function Module (Posting Program) for Testing the EDI Shipment Tender Status. When I try to process the IDoc with the Transaction WE19 and when I enter the name of the Z function Module , it gives me an error saying that

  • Idocs - Inbound function module Updated:11-30

    Hi All, I'm facing a prolem while testing the inbound function module thru transaction WE19. The steps i'm following. 1) i'll give the message type & will proceed further 2) when i select the idoc & click on the push button "inbound function

  • Problem with IDOC inbound function module Updated:11-30

    hi    While excecuting the inbound function module in WE19 I am getting error (short dump)  Incorrect parameter with Call transaction.Creating a Function Module (Direct Inbound Processing) This step describes how to create a function module which is

  • Error while passing a table to a function module Updated:10-11

    Hi Iam passing a table g_tab of length 376 flat structure to the function module..under TABLES section parameter. Changedocument_read_headers. iam getting a complile time error like the below displayed thing. Can u tell me how to solve this ? In the

  • Is there any BAPI or function module  to delete entries from a table (VBAK) Updated:10-11

    Hi Everybody, this is my first thread in SDN... my problem follows... A report is be created that selects all sales orders created by e-Sales that are more than 20 minutes old and still have a delivery block: tables: VBAK     sales document: header d

  • System failure, during call of function module RSWR_RFC_SERVICE_TEST Updated:10-11

    Hi Team,      I am working with BW and Portal Integration, with the Netweaver 2004s SP 11 version. I have a issue when i run the RSPOR_SETUP program to test the configuration. The error is on status 5 and 12, i get the following error: System failure

  • Short Dump while executing function module "IDOC_INPUT" Updated:10-11

    Dear Friends, We are trying to execute the function module "IODC_INPUT" and getting a short dump. Basically the scnario is that we are trying to change an IDOC through transaction WE19 and then we execute the same by pressing tab "STANDARD

  • JDBC to IDoc (Custom inbound function module) Updated:10-11

    Hi, In my scenario JDBC to IDoc, I am using a custom function module to change the planned order. When I exectue the function module in WE19, it works fine and the IDoc status is also updated correctly. But when I execute the entire interface right f