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warning(1013254) essbase

  • Error message #1051287. "WARNING - 1051287 - Essbase license will expire " Updated:10-11

    Hi Guys. Would you happen to know if its possible for this message to be supressed? I have 130 users that access the database and I do not need this message popping up each time they log in. This is the messgase : WARNING - 1051287 - Essbase license

  • Essbase error on Report Updated:11-30

    We have a report that will only run with the administrator log in. When it is ran by a different user we get the following essbase errors and warning: [Fri Sep 09 15:05:16 2011]Local/SAMPLE/SAMPLE/[email protected] Directory/Warning(1013254) Hybrid An

  • Essbase default calculation issue Updated:11-30

    Hi, i have an issue regarding essbase calc, i have loaded data, but whenever i'm trying to execute calculation its get stuck for a long time and status remain incomplete so how could i resolve this i'm working on epm please help me Thanks Sa

  • MaxL script deploy essbase studio cube Updated:11-30

    Hi There, I am testing my MaxL script deploying cube from essbase studio, here is result from my cmd windows: BPM connect status: success BPM maxL deployment ... succeeded with warning. How do I find out the detail about the warning? I assume it is e

  • FLEXlm Error [CLS0000014] - Essbase losing licensing connection Updated:11-30

    Hello, We're running Hyperion System 9 ( with Essbase on AIX 5.3 and Licensing/Shared Services/Foundation on a Windows 2003 R2 machine. We also have BI+ and Planning running on Windows also. Runing BEA WebLogic 8.x. We intermittently receive

  • How do I prevent a database from appearing in Add-In app/db connection list Updated:10-11

    Apparently this is more difficult then I first thought. I have an app "App1" which contains 2 databases "DB1" and "DB2" I have group Read access defined for "App1" but I only want them to see "DB1" I creat

  • SmartView Hsgetvalue function and Refresh Updated:10-11

    Hi All, I'm creating a SmartView Report using HsgetValue() function. When i Refresh the data is getting displayed correctly, but giving pop up warning that Essbase Error (1020047): A column item conflicts with a Row item Why it is happening ? Can any

  • Essmsh error: Parse error near Updated:11-30

    Hello All, When I run each command line by line it runs fine. But when i run this as essmsh test.mxlI am using this on Unix Platform I get this "essmsh error: Parse error near" essmsh test.mxlAnalytic Services MaxL Shell - Release 7.1.6 (ESB7160

  • Essbase excel retrieve  warning Updated:11-30

    Hi, we are on version 7.15, Whenever I am trying to pull data in excel ..intially it is displaying warning saying "your license will expire on 12\31\2011", how to avoid this warning there anything we can do avoid warnings and di

  • Help On Essbase And Smart View Updated:11-30

    Hi all, launching a calc script via smart view occours the following error: "the request timed out. Contact your administrator to increase netRetryCount an netRetryInterval". Here the application log output: [Mon Oct 31 12:19:32 2011]Local/Ap_co

  • "Error 1002097 Unable to Load database" while starting an Essbase App. Updated:10-11

    Hello Essbase Experts, I am getting below error while starting an Essbase Application: "Error 1002097 Unable to Load database" Below is an extract from the Essbase Application Log: [2012-04-04T14:14:03.816-19:14] [RPA] [ESM-6] [ERROR] [32][] [ec


    Version is My Essbase is not starting. Issues from the logs and what I have attempted are as follows. I have highlighted the relevant areas in bold. When Starting Essbase from products/Essbase/bin/start.bat: C:\Hyperion\products\Essbase\bin

  • System failed after install essbase client on Updated:10-11

    I have done a install and config of for essbase and planning after completion I run the diagnostics green light all the way i install the EAS Client Restart the server  and then everything fails Diagnostics Generated on 08/31/2013 00:51 AM V

  • Installation prob Essbase Administration Services 9.3.1 on HP-UX 11.11 Updated:10-11

    Hello, I'm having problems while installing the Essbase Administration Console 9.3.1 on HP-UX 11.11. At the last step, I have the following messages in the Unix console: ...........May 29, 2008 12:29:37 PM com.hyperion.cis.ExpandArchives execute SEVE

  • Java CDF hangs up Essbase application - Kindly help Updated:10-11

    Hi! I compiled the below java code which i am using to run a batch script from a calculation script using RUNJAVA. import java.*; import*; import com.hyperion.essbase.calculator.*; public class IRUN { public IRUN() { public static void main(

  • Essbase Updated:10-11

    [Wed Jan 06 10:28:27 2010]Local/FIND///Error(1120006) Unable to lock file [F:\Hyperion\AnalyticServices\APP\FIND\FIND\FIND.esm]. Essbase will try again after a short delay. [Wed Jan 06 10:28:28 2010]Local/FIND///Error(1120005) Unable to lock file [F:

  • Error while starting essbase after Installation: Cannot load $DM_APP$ Updated:10-11

    Hi, I have installed Essbase on solaris. After installation when I start Essbase it started successfully but with an error: [Mon Sep 19 09:52:22 2009]Local/ESSBASE0///Error(1052003) Timed out reading from server [Mon Sep 19 09:52:22 2009]Local/ESSBAS

  • ESSBase studio server is not running Updated:10-11

    Dear All, When I run ESSBase studio server, I get below error. Kindly advice me on this. C:\Hyperion\products\Essbase\EssbaseStudio\Server>call ""C:\Hyperion\common\config\"\setJavaRuntime.bat" Log file location is: C:\Hyperi

  • Essbase Admin Server  stopped ??? where is the EPM System Registry located Updated:10-11

    Whereis the Location of the EPM System Registry  !!!! I have complete the .3 install and config of essbase and Planning completely set planing, made a snapshot of my VMware system  and shut down the server this morning logon to my Laptop Started EPM

  • Data Load behaviour in Essbase Updated:10-11

    Hello all- I am loading data from Flat File using a server Rule File. In the rule file i have properties for a feild where in it replaces a name in flat file for member name in outline so it is somwhat like this: Replace With Canada 00-200-SE Belgium