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  • How can I set up VPN in Iphone 4s Updated:10-11

    How can I set up VPN in Iphone 4s? Can anyone help me out to set up any VPN proxy in iphone 4s? which proxy is working to access restricted sites? And explain how to set it up.. Thanks..Download the VPN express app and follow the instructionsRead oth

  • Outlook 2011 Connection Issue with Proxy Server after 10.8 Upgrade Updated:10-11

    Hello, After upgrading my MBA to 10.8, my MS Outlook (Outlook Mac 2011) mail connection does not work for an exchange based mail account where a VPN/proxy server combination is involved. This was not an issue at all under 10.7. What's interesting is

  • Firefox crashes immediately on certain sites and after a minute otherwise. It was working fine yesterday... Updated:10-11

    For some reason, Firefox doesn't consider this a crash, so it didn't give me a crash report. Also, whenever this happens, a window pops up saying, "Firefox has stopped working. Windows is checking for a solution... A problem caused the program to sto

  • Migration Assistant created admin user w/ Macintosh HD volume on desktop Updated:10-11

    Hi, Summary: MBP 17" (running Leopard) logic board died Retrieved hard drive from MBP and put in USB 2.0 caddy Bought Mac Mini 2.5 intel core i5 w/ latest Mountain Lion Used for a couple of days as main Administrator user, set up a VPN etc, every wor

  • How do I hide my iPad from a network? Updated:10-11

    I am a computer network administrator, and I was hoping there was some sort of way I can hide my iPad from the network like you can do on laptops and computers.This is a VPN proxy Alancito. It will keep his browsing history private from the WiFi netw

  • "Attention required | cloudfare.... one more step," what is it??? Updated:11-25

    In the past few days, when I try to open some pages from google search, it leads me to the correct url but it first shows a page that says ATTENTION REQUIRED | CLOUDFARE One more Step Please complete the security check to access .