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  • N70 Voice Commands Updated:11-30

    How can i teach my mobile phone for voice commands ? In every contact there is a voice command defaultly but they are not im my local language. I will change them but i cant. What else can i do or how can i teach my phone ??? Serhan AltugHi Yuvvraajk

  • N95 how to make calls by voice command Updated:11-30

    pls help... in the manual, it says that the "voice"command IS NOT recorded in advance, but it is the ph who creates it [??] it also says that to listen to the synthesized voice tag, open a contact card, select Options>play>voice tag... cou

  • My Iphone 5s blank screen and can hear voice command when i press the home button Updated:10-11

    My Iphone 5s was coming up with voice command and driving me nuts. After trying  to reset the phone now I just have a blank screen.  when i goes to restart the apple icon will show then the voice command  lady will talk in the back ground but still n

  • Landrover Evoque and Voice Commands - iOS 7 / iPhone 5S problems Updated:10-11

    I have a Landrover Evoque which has Voice Controls. I also have iOS 7.0.3 and the iPhone 5S. Before the upgrade to phone and iOS the voice controls worked fine in that it could call a contact based upon voice recognition in the car. All worked fine u

  • Voice Command does not function anywhere on phone Updated:10-11

    Have owned the RAZR MAXX HD for two weeks.  Voice Command functionality does not work regardless of whether I try to open it from the apps list, dialer, or contacts list.  The error I get reads as follows: "Unfortunately, Voice Command has stopped.&q

  • How do I use voice commands with CC on my Mac? Updated:10-11

    Howdy all! Just made the switch to Adobe from Final Cut 7. Overall, I'm digging it a bunch. However, there's one aspect of CC on my Mac that's vexing me. As you may know, there is speech recognition / voice command software built in to Mountain Lion

  • How to disable voice commands on a N82? Updated:10-11

    I have recently bought a Nokia N82. Since I started using the mp3 player, I have been dialing random people, and I realized it happens when I am wearing the provided headset (HS-43). The largest button on the headset remote activates voice commands.

  • WHY---------???? WHY can't I use my bluetooth for voice commands with the driods? Updated:10-11

    I purchased a droid1 and found out very quickly that my bluetooth COULD NOT BE USED WITH THE DROID OR VOICE COMMANDS-----IT IS NOT A HANDS FREE DEVICE!! I paired my bluetoot with the droid and expected to make calls as I did with my OLDER phone but N

  • Is there a way to turn on/off 3G for iPhone 4S with a voice command and/or without Siri? Updated:10-11

    For example, I almost always have 3G turned off on my iPhone 4S so that I won't use any of my cellular data when not needed. However, when I'm driving, and I need to use Maps for directions, it would be nice to unlock the iPhone by voicing my PIN and

  • After installing ios 5 on my iPod touch I can no longer get the voice command up. Updated:10-11

    I know the home button still works but for some reason voice command just won't come up. Help??Have you tried a Reset... Press the sleep/wake button & home button at the same time, keep pressing until you see the Apple logo, then release the buttons.

  • I just got the iphone 4s and i cant figure out how to get siri to work it seems to be the old voice command. HELP! Updated:10-11

    i just got the iphone 4s and i cant figure out how to get siri to work it seems to be the old voice command. HELP!Did you enable Siri in settings? Settings > General > Siri > ON If Siri is off, all you get when pressing the home button for 1 seco

  • Siri no longer understands my voice commands. Updated:10-11

    Since the 6.01 update, Siri is now worthless. It does not understand my voice command. When using Siri to "Call Home" it will pick someone in my address book that has nothing whatsoever to do with my "home". What happened to Siri since

  • Is it possible to take images, videos, send messages or make a call in iphone,through voice command. when it is off mode? Updated:10-11

    Hi Everyone In one of my coming project, we need to implement taking images, videos, sending SMS and make a call through voice commands in iphone, especially when Iphone is Off mode.I'm new to IOS development. I don't have clear about this concept,If

  • Bluetooth w/ voice commands is not working correctly after 2.2 update and factory default. Updated:10-11

    I  have been having numerous problems with my phone and now a problem with the Bluetooth.  I have a Sony Xlopd Stereo in my car with built-in Bluetooth capability.  I have been able to use the phone connected to the Sony flawlessly for several weeks.

  • 6120 classic:My voice commands do not work Updated:10-11

    Please help. Don't know if I'm just being stupid or there is something not right with my 6120c. My voice commands do not work. If I press the button for a voice command, it says that there are no voice tags saved. If I go into the voice command appli

  • Ios 5 possible firmware bug for iPhone 4; Voice command/text-to-speech doesn't work properly. Updated:10-11

    I upgraded an AT&T and Verizon iPhone 4 to the ios 5 firmware, and I am having the same exact issues for both phones.  When using the voice command a few times, the audio voice does not come through the "speaker" (referring to the speaker lo

  • Voice command ???? for E 63 , how to use it? Updated:10-11

    i recently bought E 63, i studied the manual of E 63, i cannot get the clear concept of voice command option in the phone. In the E 63 key pad where is th evoice key (colour, any indication ----- voice key????/) . whhat is the concept of this voice c

  • Lumia 520 win8.1 voice commands. Updated:10-11

    After windows 8.1 update. Voice commands have now moved to the search button and the start button now does nothing. This means I have lost the search function. Is this by design or by accident? Also to save disturbing my sleep I turn off wifi at nigh

  • How can I improve accuracy of voice commands? Updated:10-11

    My iPhone can't tell the difference between folk rock and Latin when I ask it to playlist rock. I've never had much luck with any voice commands on computers because computers are terrible at interpreting language. Isn't there someway to teach the iP

  • My voice command keeps turning on by itself even when my siri is disabled. Updated:10-11

    my voice command feature keeps popping up in the middle of anything im doing, even when my siri is disabled. My ipod also plays music randomly and the time on my screen blinks a few times. Has anyone else had any of these problems? - Try cleaning out