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  • What are the roles & responsibilities of SAP MDG Functional Consultant? Updated:11-30

    Dear experts, Please explain What are the roles & responsibilities of SAP MDG Functional Consultant? Regards Adhi,Hello Adhi There is no limit to explore in MDG. As a functional consultant you are responsible for - 1. Defining scope of MDG 2. Set up

  • "Role not defined for individual users" on user import Updated:11-30

    Hello, I am trying to import a certain user from one portal to another and I get this warning message: "Role <pcd_role_path> not defined for individual users." This role is assigned to this user at the 1st portal and exists at the 2nd port

  • Role designing in SAP Updated:11-30

    Hi Experts, Please let me know who does role design in SAP? I mean who is responsible for role designing in an SAP implementation project? Whether he is BASIS or Functional consultant. Eg. To create a SD role for the business how come basis or securi

  • Who does Role Design in SAP Updated:11-30

    Hi Experts, Please let me know who does role design in SAP? I mean who is responsible for role designing in an SAP implementation project? Whether he is BASIS or Functional consultant. Please let me know your valuable answer ASAP. Thanks, Sudip...Hi

  • AE 5.2 Defining SAP Connectors Updated:11-30

    Hello, Can someone identify to me the process in defining NEW SAP connectors for Access Enforcer 5.2? I have been configuring AE and have the process working for creating new users where the user receives the email identifying their password and the

  • Automatic Role transfer to SAP Updated:11-30

    Hi all, is it possible to automate the "Portal Role Transfer to SAP" functionality within the portal? Cheers MarcelHi Marcel, did you fixed the automatic upload issue? If yes - how? because I'm in the same situation right now ... Thanks a lot in

  • Is there User Group and Role Reporting in SAP Enterprise Portal? Updated:10-11

    I want to know if there is a way to pull users statistics our of SAP Enterprise Portal like you can out of the R3 backend systems. I would like functionality similar to the SUIM transaction. I know through user administration you can access any user,

  • How to find out what role is defined for a specific cube Updated:10-11

    hi is there a easy way of finding out the roles that are defined on a cube or DSO or multiprovider? ThanklsHelge, Your question is not clear. What sort of Role you mean ? If you want to chek the property of the cube & then double click on it & che

  • Maximum Nr of Roles in a SAP ECC 6.0 System Updated:11-30

    Hi, How many roles maximum could be assigned to one user in a SAP ECC 6.0 System? In case some single roles are assigned several times to the same user ( because one single role belongs to the several composite roles) ..then will be this role count o

  • Unable to Define SAP Library in SR13 Updated:11-30

    Hi gurus, I have installed ECC6 with EHP3 in windows servers 2003. All the front end users are using Windows XP. So i want to install the HTMLHelpFIle. So i have copied the Sap Library DVD into the server. Then i go to SR 13 and setup the variant. Bu

  • Role of a SAP SD fresher Updated:11-30

    hi gurus please explain following queries? 1.what will be the position of a sap fresher while entering into SAP. 2.Where he will be placed in support or in implementation 3.can any one explain roles and responsibilities of SAP consultant as per the A

  • Role of a SAP PA/OM functional consultant in Interface testing? Updated:11-30

    Hi all, Hope you are doing excellent? I just wanted to know what is  the role of a functional SAP PA/OM consultant in testing interfaces. and what kind of interfaces will   the functional consultant will be give to test. Thanks a lot, Jess..Hi, As a

  • Portal Role to Access SAP ERP Updated:11-30

    Hi I have created my own portal iviews and pages by using Visual composer. It creates a sales order in SAP ERP system. When I execute it in the portal with Super Admin rights everything works fine. Perfect. But when I assign to a user that does not h

  • Error on role import for SAP integration with BO in CMC (3.1) Updated:11-30

    Hello, We are trying to integrate existing BO environment in our company with existing BW installation. BO Environment - 3.1 BW/ECC Environment - (BW - BI 7.0 SP20, ECC 6.0) So got the pre-requisites completed and the transports imported into both BW

  • Need Documents on New Role Creation in SAP Updated:11-30

    Hi All, i am new to SAP Security and i would like to grow in this field, Can any one send me the links for the documents on creation of new roles, objects, Authorizations, transactions etc. Thanking you in Advance, Savitha.Hi, I guess you should look

  • Missing Role&Policy defined in DD during migration WL8.5 to WL9.2 Updated:11-30

    I'm in the midst of migrating our application to WL9.2. We are using roles and policy defined in the Deployment Descriptors (working fine under WL8.5). In WL9.2 I've configured the Security Realm with "DD Only" option, so the role & policy w

  • Roles of an SAP SD consultant Updated:11-30

    Hi all, I am an Aspiring SAP SD Consultant who got a job recently.I got to know that I will be will be working on an IS-Utility Project in a Giant Infrastructure Service Provider Company..could you please help me in the kind of Roles and Responsibili

  • Roles showing complete SAP menu instead of customized. Updated:11-30

    Hi All, We are on version 4.6C. We create some roles with some transactions and design the tree structure. But, when this role is assigned to a user, he is getting a complete SAP menu in which it is difficult for him to search the complete menu to ch

  • ERM5.3 - Role generation in SAP QA & SAP Prod Updated:11-30

    Good day Chaps. My client requested wants to generate a role 1st in a QA system, test the role and then generate the same role in production. The challenge is that on ERM > Config Tab > System Landscape > Landscape Name > Associate Actions. Th

  • How does my role as a SAP SECURITY ADMIN dfiffre frm upgrade n implementati Updated:11-30

    hi Gurus , i am new to this Security i just want to know how does my role as a security admin differ a implementation project and in a upgrade project ........pls answer this ..............n can i get any doc abt the tables n the objects .......