• Changing the field content of 'wrbtr' in accounting document during Post Goods Issue in VL02N Updated:10-11

    Hi Experts,      I have requirement ,where I need to  change the 'amount in document currency value (wrbtr)' in line item of a accounting document, which is created as part Post Goods issue through VL02N.           I have already check BADI's below a

  • Creation of PGI using BDC for tc VL02N is not happening.. Updated:10-11

    Hi All, i need to do Post Goods Issue (PGI) thro' BDC and after that i need to update the flag in Ztable. its giving Success message and updating the database also. but its not issuing the PGI.and further i want to create billing doc.So its compulsor

  • Not able to capture Data in VL02N through BADI (LE_SHP_DELIVERY_PROC) Updated:10-11

    Hello Experts!!! Iu2019m trying to capture all the FINALL DATA whenever there is any change made to Delievery Document (VL02N). To accomplish this Iu2019m using BADI LE_SHP_DELIVERY_PROC. Now the problem is even though this BADI triggers when I choos

  • Error in SAP code when using VL02n Updated:10-11

    I am trying to use VL02n to do a PGI (post goods issue).  The problem just started today when we activated a requirement on an output type.  This error does not occur in development but only in Test.  Below is the short dump of the error.  Does anybo

  • Require a BAPI which will do VL02N posting,PGI and create an Invoice Updated:10-11

    Hi Gurus, My Requirement: I will be getting an excel file from the legacy system which will provide me with the Delivery numbers whose Shipment has been confirmed. I need a BAPI which will post the picking in VL02N for those Deliveries and do the PGI

  • How to change QCI data in Outbound Delivery Order (VL02N) Updated:10-11

    HI, Dear ABAP Experts, I need to over ride standard Quantity conversion interface data in Outbound Delivery Order with user specific data. Go to VL02N and select item number and click on ‘Additional Quantities’ button we can see all SAP calculated QC

  • Running BDC program in background for the transaction VL02N Updated:10-11

    Hi All, I have coded a BDC program (call transaction method) for the transaction code VL02N. I can able to run the program manually & successfully. But if I execute the program in background(SM36), it is going to dump giving CNTL_ERROR. Note: I am no

  • Picked Quantity to be made equal to Delivery Quantity in VL02n Updated:10-11

    Hello Experts, Have a requirement, where upon when entering in VL02n with a delivery no, the Picked Quantity field (LIPSD-PIKMG) should be equal to Delivery Quantity (LIPS-LFIMG). Only the exit USER_EXIT_READ_DOCUMENT  of include MV50AFZ1 is being ca

  • Erorr while changing storage location in VL02N Updated:10-11

    Guyz, Firstly despite the plant+storage location + warehouse no. assignments are done , my replenishment delivery (delivery for stock transport order between plants under same company code) is not picking up storage location and warehouse no and thus

  • While posting T.code VL02N "co object not found " what have to do Updated:10-11

    Hi Friends.. while posting T.code VL02N "co object not found " what have to do General Ledger related to Co object what i want todo. showing error " Co Object not found" Thank you. Ashok kumarHi Assign a cost centre to the cost element

  • Item category not defined in batch split in vl02n Updated:10-11

    HI GUrus, cna anybody please helpe me with this. We have to send 3 differnt batches of parts to the vendor via returns PO. when i go to vl02n and click on batch split to send out batch A - 5 EA, Batch B - 5 ea and Batch C - 5 ea. the system is throwi

  • Runtime error while clicking PGI in VL02n Updated:10-11

    After Creating slaes , delivery and transport order and when clicking PGI, i am getting the following error.May I know the possible solution for this.    when a goods movement for an inbound or outbound delivery is posted    directly from VL31N/ VL01

  • Display error message as ALV in VL02N Updated:10-11

    Dear ABAPers I need your help to displayed all details that available in ct_finchdel table in DELIVERY_FINAL_CHECK class of vl02n tcode. i inserted 10 records with message type 'E' but error message display as normal 'E' type in message bar without d

  • Error in VL02N: Business Area 701 does not exist Updated:10-11

    Hi experts, There's an error that occurs while trying to post a delivery in VL02N, a display log is opened with the message "Business Area X does not exist", the Business Area "1701" is already created, nevertheless, when I try to post

  • VL02N Output type issue. Updated:10-11

    Hi, When I execute the tcode VL02N for any output type (ZEU5) for print preview and external mail then it is giving error that "Output could not be issued". I have also checked the config of NACE , it seems to be ok. So what are the other possib

  • Goods picking and Post goods issue in VL02N Updated:10-11

    Dear All, Am hving problem in Picking goods and Post goods issue. This is for the Stock Transport Order with Delivery via Shipping Supplying plant is 1000(SAP std,sloc 0001) and Receiving plant 1100(sloc 0001). Sales org:1000 Distrbn Chnnl:10 Divisio

  • Function to Delete assignment of HU from outbound delivery in VL02n Updated:10-11

    Hi, in my scenario the objective is delete assignment from the delivery and not cancel the HU. Using the functions HU_GET_HUS V51P_DELETE_RELATIONSHIP HU_POST I can delete assignmento of  the HU from the delivery but when I want to cancel the deliver

  • Badi/user exit for tx vl02n Updated:10-11

    Hi, I need to find a badi or a user exit thats triggered after pressing "save" in transaction vl02n. Help me please. Best regards, Roberto.hey .Code SE18 is used to Identify the BADI available. Look for the string 'CL_EXITHANDLER' in the standar

  • Post goods Issue ,in VL02n Updated:10-11

    Hi friends , I am trying to post Goods issue from delivery order,through VL02n .I tried using BAPI_GOODSMVT_CREATE but it returns the message 'Goods Movement not possible with mvmt type 645'. I saw in some of the threads about this BAPI ,BAPI_OUTB_DE

  • Error during Post Goods Issue of Material in VL02N for STO Purchase Order Updated:10-11

    I am getting one error message during Post goods issue of Material for STO Purchase order. I am doing the Post goods issue in T code VL02N Error is " Account type D is not defined for Document type WL" What is the settings required to be done. T