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  • ECATT: Bad Message Handling in VL02N (Line Deletion) Updated:11-30

    Hello All, I'm having a big headache with the following automation scenario on VL02N transaction: - open a DN number - use position button to trigger screen where u can select a line - enter a line (script parameter) - validate the line - use the del

  • Mass deletion of Outbound deleveries Updated:11-30

    Hi Can any one pls let me know if theres any transaction for mass deletion of Outbound deliveries? We have some 600 OBDs to be deleted. Jus want to know if theres any such trxn or we need to create a BDC prog for that? Thanks! BR, Sri..Hi there is no

  • Outbound delivery deletion with shipment cost settled. Updated:11-30

    Dears      I have one question about how to delete one outbound delivery which has one shipment document inside. Scenarios like:      we do normal sales order -> outbound delivery -> Picking -> Loading -> PGI -> invoice. and also from outbo

  • Deletion of sales orders Updated:11-30

    hi all how can i delete the list of sales order from a particular date to particular date. regards venkat.Hi Tarun you can delete sales orders only if there are no subsequent documents. if accounting documents are generated for a sales order then aft

  • Function module WS_DELIVERY_UPDATE deleting previously picked quantity Updated:11-30

    hi everyone, I m facing a problem while using FM WS_DELIVERY_UPDATE . when i m using it to pick quantity in VL02N it deletes the previously picked quantity while updating the present one. For example : My delivery have item 1 quantity 5 out of which

  • Delivery Notes keep getting generated Updated:10-11

    Hi All I have a really challenging issue... I have a number of Purchase Orders that were set up in 1999 and have been invoiced and Goods receipted. For some reason delivery notes keep getting generated for these PO's - one last night dated 19/05/2010

  • Sales order cannot be rejected -problem log status item status is incorrect Updated:10-11

    Hi, I need to reject this particular sales order, but when i try to reject it says to check the problem log which states that the item status is incorrect. It says subsequent documents exists for some lines even though no documenst are attached. Ther

  • Reversal of sales documents Updated:10-11

    Hello, The following situation has arisen in our production environment: A user created a sales order with 3 line items. The DA (outbound delivery) and invoice were subsequently created and the invoice was released to accounting. The document flow of

  • Wave grouping Updated:11-30

    The issue is we are trying to group 30-50 deliveries into a wave and then trying to create transfer orders through 2 step picking, but during the first step picking a couple of transfer orders do not get created due to various issues like bin block,

  • Reverse/Cancel Outbound Delivery and Billing documents Updated:11-30

    Hi all, My question is...How do you reverse/ Cancel Outbound delivery and billing documents and what will be the reversals in  Accounting document and how are they updated. RegardsHi, If billed delivery is to be reversed,  Then 1. First cancel the bi

  • Query on excise invoice Updated:11-30

    Dear Please kindly tell me the steps and Tcode of reversal procedure of sales cycle-(from excise department to order) eg:RG1-J2iun-j1iin-vf01-vl01n-va01Hi.. Sandeep Go to > J1IIN >CANCEL enter >Document Number >Document Year >Series Group &

  • T-code for delivery note Updated:11-30

    Hi experts, What is the t-code for delivery note creation. thanksHi Kumar Tcode     >VL01N   Creation >VL02N   Change / delete >VL03N   Display >VL09      Goods issue reverse. Thx.Read other 5 answers

  • Cancel the Documents. Updated:11-30

    Hi Gurus, We are doing SO>Delivery>Transfer Order>Transfer Order confirmation>Sipment>shipment cost>PGI>Billing.Here while doing the Transfer order confirmation system picks the Batch number and Handling Units. This is the our Busines

  • Function to Delete assignment of HU from outbound delivery in VL02n Updated:10-11

    Hi, in my scenario the objective is delete assignment from the delivery and not cancel the HU. Using the functions HU_GET_HUS V51P_DELETE_RELATIONSHIP HU_POST I can delete assignmento of  the HU from the delivery but when I want to cancel the deliver

  • In VL02N, getting runtime error "dynpro_msg_in_help" when deleting outbound delivery in production Updated:10-11

    Hello SD members, I have an issue in which while executing VL02N and trying to delete the outbound delivery getting runtime error "dynpro_msg_in_help" in production system. Kindly suggest how to solve this... Regards VenkatHi Venkata Pradeep, Ca

  • Vl02n outbound delivery deletion check Updated:11-30

    hi all, i need to create a checking when user going to delete a outbound delivery in VL02n, if there is any billing document status NE 'E' then program should issue error message and block the deletion. currently i am using badi LE_SHP_DELIVERY_PROC

  • How to remove the authorization of deletion in vl02n Updated:11-30

    Hai i want to restrict my users deleting the vl02n ( delivery ) i  have checked the objects but not supporting can any one help me in this regards Thanks and regards kumaraswamyI also had same issue and after spending some time I manage to found solu

  • Screen Exit to disable Delete option in VL02N Updated:11-30

    Does anyone know how to disable DELETE menu option in second screen of VL02N  <b> when the delivery are not PGID</b>??? Is there any screen exit or any way using which we can disable it.I guess transaction variant is one option other than scre

  • Trigger a Output as Spool on Delivery Deletion via Vl02n Updated:11-30

    Dear All, My requirement is that when I delete a delivery in VL02n , a spool should be generated . I have a SAP SCRIPT which can be triggered via a Z output type . How do we link to trigger this output type on delivery deletion? Thanks DishaHi Disha,

  • Gray out delete button (VL02N) Updated:11-30

    Hi SDN, our customer requests that delete option/button in TCODE VL02N. I've traced that TCODE and made a new PFCG role, but didn't found any option or authorization that could hide that option from Transaction. Anyone has a clue on this issue ? than