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  • Creating Outbound Delivery using BAPI Updated:11-30

    Hi All, Can anyone advice is there any way to create Oubound Delivery using BAPI. If you have come accross with such developments or idea, can you please share your idea?. Thanks, Muruganand.KHi, Use BAPI_DELIVERYPROCESSING_EXEC - Create Delivery fro

  • BAPI for Outbound Delivery Creation with reference to Sales Order - VL01N Updated:10-11

    Hi Everybody,        We are in ECC 5.0 version.        I want to create a enhancement for Outbound Delivery Creation with reference to a Sales Order.        Is any BAPI available for this ?        Any input on this will be very much helpfull.       

  • BAPI for delivery VL01N transaction Updated:11-30

    Hi All,        I am working on SAP ECC 5.0 version. My requirements are to create a delivery note against a purchase order. The purchase order is basically for Stock transfer between intra company (UB) and Inter Company (NB) . So am looking for BAPI

  • BAPI for transaction VL01N Updated:11-30

    Hello people! Anyone have an example of using BAPI for the transaction VL01N, Outbound delivery? Thanks in advance, Denis NakamotoHow about any of these? BAPI_OUTB_DELIVERY_CONFIRM_DEC BAPI for Outbound Delivery Verification from a Decentralized Syst

  • Call BAPI to Create Invoice During PGI(VL01N) via BADI Updated:11-30

    Hi, Requirement: During PGI (VL01N), we have implemented a BADI (IF_EX_DELIVERY_PUBLISH) in method (PUBLISH_AFTER_SAVE) to call BAPI (BAPI_BILLINGDOC_CREATEMULTIPLE) to create invoice simultaneously with the PGI. In DEV box, the call BAPI is working

  • BAPI for posting outbound delivery (VL01n) Updated:11-30

    Hi, I need some help in finding correct function module or BAPI for posting outbound delivery (VL01n), the requirement is I need delivery created with reference to sales order and must take following input. 1. Shipping Point 2. Sales Order 3. Selecti

  • Bapi for VL01N Updated:11-30

    Hello Guru,                 i am looking bapi for delivery process (VL01n) in SD module.                 i searched in bapi transaction, i can't find any relevant bapi for delivery process. Regards, ArasukumarHi, Kindly refer the below link. Re: BAPI

  • Regarding BAPI/Function Module for updating fields FAKSK and LIFEX Updated:11-30

    Hi All, I have a requirement wherein i need to update the fields FAKSK(Billing block ) and LIFEX(External Identification number). We have already tried using the function Module WS_DELIVERY_UPDATE and also BAPI_OUTB_DELIVERY_CHANGE but we didnt find

  • VL01n with BAPI - how to crate Outbound delivery via BAPI with SerialNumber Updated:10-11

    Hi Guru,     I have a lot of problem with Serial number manage, i had try to use BAPI_SALESORDER_CREATEFROMDAT2 but without results. Plese explain me how can i manage Serial Numer in BAPI. Manually i charge serial number in: Transaction VL02N , in ma

  • Problem in bapi for vl01n Updated:11-30

    Hi Experts, I have Written this below code to upload Delivery with refrence to sales orders with batch split . when i execute this program it is retuning the message  that the transfered sales order table is empty. If i change the document_catogy_sd

  • Bapi /  FM to create VL01N Updated:11-30

    any Bapi /  Fm to create DOhi all, i have did this coding: append '0000010952' to wno. CALL FUNCTION 'SHP_GET_SD_DATA'   EXPORTING     IT_VBAK_KEY              = wno   IS_ORDER_VIEW            =   IF_DO_DYNAMIC_CALC       = 'X'   CHANGING     CX_SD_O

  • BAPI or FM for VL01N and Del. Packing Updated:11-30

    Hello, I am looking for BAPI or FM to create delivery and to pack the del. items. Thank you,hi santhosh, you can check these FMs BBP_INB_DELIVERY_CREATE SHP_VL10_DELIVERY_CREATE SHP_VL10_DELIVERY_CREATE_PARA GN_DELIVERY_CREATE RV_DELIVERY_CREATE_SING

  • How to create Delivery with sales order FM/BAPI Updated:10-11

    Hi Gurus,I'm new to  SAP  platform I have created sales order , with this i need to create Delivery(vl01n) so i need to give 'Shipping Point','Selection Date','SD Number' so could any one tel me which FM/BAPI is suitable to create Outbound delivery w

  • I need to pass value for Actual GI date field in VL01N t code, I am using BAPI_DELIVERYPROCESSING_EXEC. can any one tell me how can i pass vaule ? Updated:10-11

    I need to pass value for Actual GI date field in VL01N t code, I am using BAPI_DELIVERYPROCESSING_EXEC. can any one tell me how can i pass vaule ?Hi Abdul, Sorry for my unprecise answer, but you talk about a tcode, but you're using a BAPI Call. Maybe

  • How to insert serial numbers in the creation of a delivery via VL01N Updated:10-11

    Hello everybody, In the creation of an outbound delivery via VL01N I have to copy the serial number from a specific inbound delivery. I can get these serial numbers but I do not know where or how I can insert these serial numbers. I have to insert th

  • Inbound delivery creation through VL01N Updated:10-11

    Hello, I wud like to create inbound(return) delivery through VL01N t-code with reference of sales/repair order. following things i am passing to VL01N screen: 1. Shipping point date = current date / sales order number t

  • Need     RFC/BAPI    to create Delivery Order  with respect to  Sales Order Updated:10-11

    Hi Gurus ,I'm   new  to  AB AP  Language   to be  working  in company so  can anyone  tel  me   FM/BAPI   to create  Delivery  order  with respect to  sales order(va01,vl01n) Any  sugg.. will appreciate  u......... Thanks in Advance...........Hi,    

  • Automatic creation of delivery(vl01n) Updated:10-11

    Hello, I want to create a outbound / inbound delivery through t-code VL01N  with reference to salesorder / repair order. Please suggest me any BADI , BAPI of functional module.. tHANKS, aNIL Edited by: anilpat1 on Mar 31, 2009 4:03 PMHi Anil, Please

  • BAPI for Outbound Delivery Creation with reference to Sales Order Updated:10-11

    Dear all, I'm on R/3 4.6B platform and to develop an RFC for outbound Delivery creation instead of using the standard VL01N transaction. I've review BAPI for Outbound Delivery Creation with reference to Sales Order - VL01N thread which suggest BAPI_D

  • Regarding bapi to issue PGI BAPI_OUTB_DELIVERY_CHANGE,sample code please Updated:11-30

    Can you send me the sample code of this bapiBAPI_OUTB_DELIVERY_CHANGE ,if any one have used's urgent please..Hi, BAPI_OUTB_DELIVERY_CHANGE - BAPI for Change to Outbound Delivery BAPI_INB_DELIVERY_SAVEREPLICA - Create Inbound Delivery RV_DELIV