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  • BAPI for Price Change using Transaction VK12 Updated:11-30

    Hi All.. Can any one help in locating a BAPI for making price changes using transaction VK12. Rgdstry RV_CONDITION_MAINTENANCERead other 2 answers

  • Bapi for VK11 & VK12 Updated:11-30

    i have created a BDC program for uploading data into VK11 & VK12 .what it does that it compares the valid from and valid to dates from the flat files and if they already exist then for that condiotn type it goes to vk 12 and changes the prices and sc

  • BAPI for VK11,VK12,MEK1,MEK2 Updated:11-30

    Hi, 1) Is there a BAPI or standard function module for MEK1 and MEK2? 2) I searched and found for VK11 and VK12 we have the following function modules BAPI_PRICE_CONDITIONS RV_KONDITION_SICHERN RV_KONDITION_SICHERN_V13A Please share if you has used t

  • BAPI/BADI/FM for condition deletion (MEK2/VK12) Updated:11-30

    Does any guy know any BAPI/BADI/FM to DELETE purchase/sales condition record as T-code MEK2/VK12?Hi Leo , u cannt delete any Condition Record , but what u can do is " U can tick the Condition item record for deletion ". to do so : 1.U have to ge

  • FM/BAPI to Update Valid To Date in Tcode VK12 Updated:11-30

    Hi, In my program, I'am using FM SD_CONDITION_SAVE_EXIT to update the valid to field in VK12; The problem is it does not seem to work. If somehow you have any alternative solution, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks in advance.Hello Experts, Thank

  • BAPI or FM for AKE1 Updated:10-11

    Hi all, 1) Do we have any BAPI or FM to create/update/delete records from AKE1/AKE2 tcode? I searched SDN, but in vain. 2) One post was left unanswered in which the question was whether BAPI_PRICES_CONDITIONS can be used for AKE1 tcode? 3) Can BAP_PR

  • FM'S or BAPI to update the condition records in VB22 transaction Updated:10-11

    Hi, I need your help in getting the FM'S or BAPI to update the condition records in sales deal. The transaction is VB22. If you can send me a smaple code it will be really helpful. Regards, SasiCheck this: Ba

  • Bapi to create a condition record Updated:11-30

    hi, is there any standard bapi for creating ,changing and deleting a pricing record using VK11,VK12. any other function module will solve the problem.Hi Ajith,    You can use <b>IDOC approach</b> also for doing teh same solution. Yo get Create

  • Updating amount in VK12 Updated:11-30

    Hi Guys, I am trying to update 'amount' against a specific material in VK12. I am using BAPI : BAPI_PRICES_CONDITIONS I am not able to update it successfully and getting stuck at the following points :- Amount field in VK12 is KBETR. In the above men

  • VK11/VK12: Automatically create anothercondition record upon saving Updated:11-30

    Hi, First of all this is my first time to post a question here.  I find every thread very helpful and other members helpful. We came with a requirement to automatically create another condition record after the user clicks the save buttons.  I'm not

  • Bdc for vk11/vk12 Updated:11-30

    hi! can anybody plz tell  me how to do bdc for vk11 and vk12. the scene is that i have zpogram which displays the data and from there i have to add one button and whenever that button is triggred bdc had to be performed for vk11 and vk12 only for tho

  • Suitable BAPI Updated:11-30

    Dear Gurus, we are uploading the SD prices using transactions VK11 and VK12 (For Changing Prices). Because of some performance issues we are looking for BAPIs which can perform the task for VK11 and VK12.    Please suggest us any BAPI which can suffi

  • Bapi to change/create condition record Updated:11-30

    hi, is there a bapi to change/create a condition record? haven't found anything yet! regards jackohi, Please find the suggested steps in this.... BAPI for VK11,VK12,MEK1,MEK2 Regards, RichaRead other 4 answers

  • Change Price (Sales Price VK12) Updated:11-30

    Is there a way to updated or modify a sales price (VK12) using a FM or BAPI?Thanks for your reply manohar, i've check the FG but it seems that don't support it... Also, if i could find a FM or BAPI that permits CREATE IT(VK11) it could work for me to

  • Open Purchase Order UPload Using the BAPI 's Updated:10-11

    i need to upload the open Purchase Order using the BAPI function BAPI_PO_CREATE1., below is the given fileds blod are for Header, header will Repeat for the line items,can any one help me out  using the BAIP's for upload the PO, i need sample code fo

  • URGENT: Function modules or BAPIs Updated:10-11

    Hi Experts, I need function modules or BAPI to get the open items and cleared items G/L Account wise. Useful replies will be surely awarded.Hi Chakradhar, Check tcode : BAPI u will get all bapis there. Regards, HemantRead other 3 answers

  • Questions on BPS BAPI calls and PDF forms Updated:10-11

    I will need to create a button on a BPS form and that button is supposed to call a BAPI.  One of the buttons will create a PDF of the form (using the contents of the form) and print said form to a 'default' printer.  The issue is that not all cFolder

  • Deletion of Scheduling Agreement and Delivery Schedule using BAPI Updated:10-11

    Hi SAP MM Gurus, Please assist in inquiry below: My scenario is that I am trying to delete delivery schedules and scheduling lines using BAPIs. I have no issues when there is no GR made yet for the delivery schedules. The error arises when there are

  • BAPI for training and event management Updated:10-11

    Hi all, I need a bapi that returns the list of the attendees of a training course. I've seen that a FM exists: RH_GET_PARTICIPANTS and i know how it works. I would like a standard BAPI to be called by an external system. If it doesn't exit I will cre

  • Scheduling BAPi Updated:10-11

    Hi guys, While scheduling a BAPI(ZBAPI_WS_REPORT ),am gettin an error msg says Program ZBAPI_WS_REPORT is invalid or does not exist,even though it exists in the target client.What could be the problem?Please help me out in this regard asap.Its very u