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  • Imbed a youtube video in mail body Updated:10-11

    Does anyone know if one can embed a youtube video in mail? Not a html link, the actual video. If so, how is it accomplished. Thanks in advance. 20" Intel iMac Mac OS X (10.4.8) Mac OS X (10.3.7)   Mac OS X (10.3.7)  Hi James-- I have done this but th

  • Video E-mail Updated:11-30

    Does anyone use their iSight for video e-mail? I have QT 7 Pro, and can record video, but there is not a simple, Apple-esque way to send video e-mails (that I have found). I noticed the PhotoBooth had some cool features, and it seems one version away

  • IPhoto 9.3 won't allow me to send videos in Mail, iPhoto 9.3 won't allow me to send videos in Mail Updated:11-30

    Since the new update of iPhoto to version 9.3  I can't send any videos in Mail. When I drag a video into the message it's just a black square with the play button. Is anyone else having this problem?OS X Mail: Troubleshooting sending and receiving em

  • Voice mail says video voice mail not available Updated:11-30

    When I get a voice mail and go to it there is a message that "video voice mail is not available" How do I get rid of this Thanks LarryB227Thanks Tim- Strange I haven't contacted them for anything in many moons. All of a sudden this shows up. Goo

  • Video "Voice Mail" for Face Time? Updated:11-30

    Has anyone yet produced an app that will let you leave a video "voice mail" for someone you can't reach on Face Time?This Apple article should be able to help ya out -> iOS: FaceTime is 'Unable to verify email because it is in use'Read other

  • How do I delete a video through mail on iPad Updated:11-30

    Hi there is a video in mail that has been downloading for ages and nothing is happening just downloading the wheel keeps going around. I have tried shutting down the iPad but when I reopen it mail says there is one message, and when I open mail on th

  • Making small video "e-mail" with built in iSight Updated:10-11

    I am very new to the discussions and I apologize for the newbie question... I travel a lot. I have a new MacBook Pro that has the built in iSight camera. I would like to make little five minute "movie postcards" that I can e-mail to my family to

  • Embed youtube video in mail Updated:11-30

    Hi. I have searched but can't find the answer to this. Is it possible to embed a youtube video in a Mail message? I want the actual video to display, not just the link that you would need to click on to take you to youtube. I can do this on forums. I

  • Video in Mail Updated:11-30

    Video clips used to be viewed in mail directly. Now I have to DL and drag to Quicktime. How do I fix that? And often If I click on the DL'd Video Icon I get a message saying Quicktime Player Must Be Installed to Run this Application. BUT when I Drag

  • Why do embedded videos in mail not play? Updated:11-30

    Since I installed OS 10.7, none of the videos being sent to me in mail can be viewed.  Even if I save them to the desktop, I can open them but no video is displayed.from the Flip4Mac website: Technical Specifications System Requirements Intel or Powe

  • Saving Videos from mail to Camera Roll Updated:11-30

    Hi All, Has anyone tested this new feature yet? I have tried to save some videos that my friends have sent me via email but no success. The videos are short clips 10 seconds the longest and less than 10MB size. I can view the videos in the mail app b

  • Video of Mail shows top icons in color? Updated:11-30

    I was watching the info video for using Mail and the top icons are in color and easier to identify but my version of Lion on my new 27" iMac are not in color and not as easy to see.  Is this a change and/or is this an add-on or an adjustable setting?

  • Cannot load video from mail, FB, Twitter etc. on iPad mini retina or 5S since update to 7.0.6 Updated:11-30

    Mail opens blank screen, cannot load or view videos from FB Twitter etc. and web pages freeze when you try to refresh themDid you even read this? "None of my iOS devices have been jailbroken."Read other 3 answers

  • Is there any way to send a short video by mail? Updated:10-11

    I am trying to make an interactive PDF with 3 short videos and sound as a Halloween card. It is too large to go through email and when I try to read it on an ipad with Adobe Reader, the videos do not play. What would be the best way to send something

  • No veo los vídeos de Mail que vienen con quicktime, porque? Que debo hacer para poder verlos, no me deja descargar el programa Updated:11-30

    No veo los archivos de mis e-Mail, me pide el quicktime y no lo puedo descargar, que puedo hacer?¿Ha creado una cuenta decorreo electrónicoRead other 3 answers

  • Can't download video from mail attachment Updated:11-30

    I received an Email attachment containing a 16.4MB .AVI video file. When I click on the attachment a popup windows is displayed saying "Attachment is too large to be viewed." How do I view this attachment?Can you download this attached file with

  • Cannot open video's from e-mails Updated:10-11

    I can't open a lot of video e-mails or other video things. Mac pro book has Quick time installed on it too. Get "Error message can not open" New to MAC not to using a computer though. My son talked me into buying this. Great graphics. I'm at a l

  • Since upgrading to OS X 10.8, my received mail videos no longer have audio attached. Updated:11-30

    Since my upgrade, when I receive videos via Mail, the audio part of the video is silent.  Volume control has no effect and I've done a Shut Down and Restart without effect either.  I've tried dragging the video to Desktop and the audio doesn't play t

  • How to create a video photo stream in iPhoto? Updated:10-11

    I would really like to get the high resolution videos from my phone and iPad to my Mac. I would like them to go into iPhoto on the iMac. Is this possible? I can't figure out how to even get a shared photo stream to show up in iPhoto on the Mac. Furth

  • Send video Updated:11-30

    Hi- Is there a way to send a video in Mail, that will be easily sent and received with out any 3rd. party software? I am trying to use video clips from a canon elph. Everything I send is too large, is there a way to save it in a format easily sent in