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vhdx you dont have permission to mount

  • Mount vhdx: You don't have permission to mount the file Updated:11-30

    The user has all modify permissions on the vhdx file that was created through Hyper-V. When double clicking or right-click mount the vhdx file the error message "You don't have permission to mount the file". Which permissions should be set to mo

  • You don't have permission to mount the file Updated:11-30

    I am trying to install Microsoft 60-day Evaluation of Office Professional Plus 2013 I download the file but I get the error message You don't have permission to mount the file I have Windows 8.1 I've tried the Chat and Phone some can't help me and ot

  • Permission err mounting blank DVD in finder, works fine in other apps Updated:11-30

    Hi I have an intel Mac Mini running OSX 10.4.9 fully patched. I can not mount a blank DVD disk in the finder, if I insert one I get the following error message: "The operation could not be completed because you do not have enough access privileges&qu

  • Spurious error: "You don't have permission to mount the file" on mounting an ISO from Explorer, but it works anyway Updated:11-30

    I can mount ISO files from the context menu in Explorer with the new functionality. It works very well. However, I have a strange issue with the Microsoft "Linux IC v3.2.ISO" file downloaded from

  • Mount vhdx file from Windows Server Backup 2012 Updated:10-11

    We have a 2012 server with a network share that other servers backup to using Windows Server Backup.  To view the files from a windows 2008 r2 backup .vhd file all I have to do is open it in windows explorer and it mounts as a drive and opens.  When

  • Clean Way To Prevent Signature Collision Of Mounting VHDX In Parallel PowerShell Scripting Updated:11-30

    I have multiple Virtual Machines I am to build from a Sysprepped VHDX. (All this is done automatically via Powershell) For each of these Virtual Machines, I copy this VHDX and create a new one unique to the Virtual Machine. However, I wish to mount e

  • Error when trying to re-mount a VHDx (the version does not support this version of the file format) Updated:11-30

    Hi, I have a vhdx on a NAS that I use for server backup. I created the VHDx via disk management, mounted it and assigned drive letter X. I now created a script that gets triggered upon startup via task scheduler to remount the VHD. If I try to mount

  • Coping iso file and mounting problem Updated:10-11

    Hi I am using Windows 8.1 Update Enterprise 64 bit and Windows ADK. I noticed that, if I select the "Environment of the deployment tools and creations images" and I click on the "Run as Administrator" item of his Pop-Up menu and I moun

  • [SOLVED]Can´t mount nfs shares! Updated:10-11

    Hello, I am trying to get up a fileserver. I installed an old PC with Arch and configerd it over SSH. I followed the wiki over NFS and NFSv4. But everytime I want to mount a share that is in the physical map /home/jozef/shares/downloads, I get the fo

  • USB Auto-mounting Woes [SOLVED] Updated:11-30

    Hi, I've been trying to get my USB sticks to auto-mount and grant all users permission to mount/unmount them. To achieve that I initially added the following to my sudoers using visudo: %wheel ALL=NOPASSWD: /bin/mount %wheel ALL=NOPASSWD: /bin/umount

  • Bootchart2-git: bootchart-renderer fails to mount /lib/bootchart/tmpfs Updated:11-30

    I recently bought a new laptop and made a fresh Arch installation. After a few initial annoyances I got everything working more or less as intended, except bootchart. Since the wiki said "Note: An alternative to Bootchart is bootchart2, which at leas

  • Bug related to ACPI Updated:10-11

    After update few weeks ago (cant say when exactly since i was testing where the problem is for few weeks) i noticed that sometimes computer would freeze during boot at sata recognition part right before daemons gets started. It would also hang during

  • Coping iso file and monting problem Updated:10-11

    Hi I am using Windows 8.1 Update Enterprise 64 bit and Windows ADK. I noticed that, if I select the "Environment of the deployment tools and creations images" and I click on the "Run as Administrator" item of his Pop-Up menu and I moun

  • Error in Dialogue Instance in ECC 6.0 SR3 Updated:10-11

    hello gurus, OS - Windows 2003 64bit Component - ECC 6.0 SR3 While creating Application Server, i am having problem on the step STARTING DIALOGUE INSTANCE, dispatcher Stopped, Work process got ended in the application server. The Application Server c

  • Error in STMS System Updated:10-11

    Hi , When i am entering the stms_import , am getting below error often. System  QBW               Command  TMS_MGR_READ_TRANSPORT_QUEUE Client      000                 Service  Transport Service User       TMSADM        Start    Online Date       09/

  • File permissions problem Updated:11-30

    I'm trying to organise permissions on my server. I have a bunch of .iso files which I mount over nfs but it seems as though no matter what I do, the owner and group permissions are ignored. Obviously I'm mounting as root. The files are owned by root

  • [SOLVED] Netbooting with PXE, TFTP and NFS / Numerous errors Updated:11-30

    Greetings all, hope you can help me out. Been given a task by my company of making a network bootable ICA client (with X and Firefox, with the Citrix ICA client installed) as small as possible to minimize network traffic (as 440 workstations would be

  • Changing permissions for /home Updated:11-30

    Hi, I have a problem with my /home directory. It has no write permissions and I can't change that. The owner of the directory is root but even if login as root I can't change the permissions for the /home directory. When looking at the properties for

  • Resizing User Profile Disks in Existing Server 2012 R2 RDS Deployment Question Updated:11-30

    Once the initial maximum size is set and the VHDXs have been created in a Server 2012 R2 RDS deployment, will attempting to increase Collection's maximum UPD size by say.. issuing a Powershell command of: Set-RDSessionCollectionConfiguration -Collect

  • IOPS capped on a VM within Hyper-V Updated:11-30

    quick question ... we get 100,000 IOPS once we used SQLIO against a VHDX file . ( let's say disk2.vhdx)  from inside a VM , we mount the same disk as a secondary disk and run SQLIO against it ; we get about 30,000 IOPS.  There is no QoS for storage d