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  • Network Folder Mount Updated:11-30

    hi, can I mount a folder in windows by JAVA i mean when my java program executes it creates a folder mapped to some network drive or even to a local volume for the time being if possible plzz send me code refferences / code cheers, Yasir.Hi, I should

  • Home folder mounted after logging out then logging back in Updated:11-30

    After I logged out of my account, I logged back in to see nothing on my desktop except for "Macintosh HD." I click on it and noticed that my home folder is mounted as a disk image under "Places." By "home folder" I meant the

  • Active Directory Integration and home folder mounting Updated:11-30

    Hello, I've set up a G4 tower with Tiger 10.4.4 and bound it to our AD domain. Authentication works perfectly, however the home directories of the users (on smb shares on windows servers) do not mount consistently. At first I thought that it was work

  • Mobile Account and Active Directory home folder Updated:10-11

    We install a XServe server (Mac OS X 10.6.3). We join it to Active Directory for authentification and Open Directory for policy. I read the magic triangle on the web. I mount a MacBook Pro with Mac OS X 10.6. I join it to AD and after to OD. When I c

  • Picking up a file as soon as it is kept in the folder on the server Updated:10-11

    Hi Guys, Is there a way that I can pick up a file as soon as it is placed in a folder.. I do not want to schedule a background program to keep on checking for filesHello hema,                     I will explain in more detail. Option 1:- You can sche

  • Groups Folder Help Updated:11-30

    I apologize if this has been answered, but I am in need of a quick answer. When a user logs in and the groups folder mounts, is it actually copying down to the desktop the contents of the groups folder or is an alias of the folder mounted. I had alwa

  • 10.4.11 OD and 10.5.4 AFP Home Folder Server Issues Updated:11-30

    Hello, We have recently changed all our 10.4.11 AFP servers to 10.5.4 after some initial testing, we have left the OD master and OD replica on 10.4.11. Although we can login existing users happily using the upgraded servers, when we create a new user

  • How can I mount an SMB share in the Finder? (Leopard) Updated:11-30

    In Tiger, I was able to mount a SMB share in the finder and it would be displayed under the "Devices" section. With Leopard, I cant get this to work. Leopard is much easier to browse network shares on my Windows machine under the "Shared&qu

  • "/boot" partition not being mounted or used Updated:11-30

    I have my disk partitioned in 3 sections, /dev/sdc1 "/boot" /dev/sdc2 "swap" /dev/sdc3 "/" When i boot up it uses the "boot" folder mounted on /dev/sdc3 "/" named "boot" instead of "/dev/sdc

  • Have Users folder on another partition Updated:11-30

    I think the technology MS uses is similar, but it's called Dynamic Partitioning. What I'm looking to do is partition a Mac. One partition will house the Users folder, and the other will house the OS, Apps, prefs, etc.. My purpose is that if my OS die

  • [SOLVED] folder permissions Updated:11-30

    good morning gang, While trying to get Sickbeard and Sabnzbd working last night I completely mucked up directory permissions on my data mount point. Is there a default set of permissions for a folder/mount point? If so, is there a way to set it back

  • How to allow multiple users login to a MAC PRO without interruption? Updated:10-11

    I have a mac pro, which runs Yosemite, (2013 module) to be used as a server. However, I have difficult to let multiple users to use the mac simultaneously. Objective:     One person uses the mac directly on his desktop, while the others to login remo

  • Disk Utility create encrypted disk image hangs Updated:10-11

    I'm trying really, really hard to backup my data but apple is not making it easy for me. I need my files encrypted for an offline backup. Time machine only allows home folder to be encrypted, and due to my home folder being on my SSD drive I cannot f

  • I've Done it! Whoop! Updated:10-11

    Hey everyone, I've been having a little battle with integrating OD and AD and spent much time reading through pdf's, looking through and of course these lovely forums. Finally I have done it and would like to share with you all just incase

  • How do I actually use a master password? Updated:10-11

    My home folder is protected with file vault and so I have a master password set. If ever I should forget my user password how would I use the master password to get in to my Mac? thxIf you would ever forget your password, then you would need to use t

  • Cant login multiple network accounts on the same client? Updated:10-11

    Setup: I have created a simple Lion Server on a new i7 Mac Mini. I have configured Open Directory in Master mode and have setup 4 user accounts. I have enabled the File Sharing service and checked the "Make available for home directories" option

  • Pictures not working! Please help! Updated:10-11

    Pictures on my iPod not working, when i try to sync my photos always i have error "iPod can't read your photo"! I allready try to do everything (new soft 1.0.3, reset so many times, other program then iTunes[anapod photosync], all photo types jp

  • No longer have appropriate privileges to "Active Directory" servers with Lion Updated:10-11

    Hi: Our University maintains protected disk storage space that we can access from any computer in the hospital. This is an incredibly convenient and secure method for moving information in our enterprise. Our enterprise is somewhat Mac-averse, but un

  • Create encrypted disk image with OS install disk utility. Updated:10-11

    I thought to make a full backup of Macintosh HD, and followed instructions in /kb/ht1553.  However, every time I tried to creae an encrypted disk image, it barfed with "Failed - User interaction required". I assume it needed the encryption passw

  • How do I move my pictures from I-Photo albums to a usb drive? Updated:10-11

    I am trying to move my pictures (in albums) from my MacBook Pro I-Photo to a USB drive so that I can show them on my new digital frame.  How do I do it?  And I somehow lost my icon for I-photo on the bottom of my screen....1 - select the photo(s) in