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  • Windows Media Player does not work on Equium A100-027 Updated:10-11

    I have an Equium Notebook A100-027 which I bought in February of this year. I have just tried to play my Windows Media Player, but nothing happens when I click on it! It was working fine yesterday, but today it is not working anymore! Can anyone help

  • Question about memory upgrade in a Equium A100-027 Updated:10-11

    Hi there, I have an Equium A100-027 notebook with 2 x 512 MB RAM installed. I'd like to add extra memory. I have used Crucial's ( website to scan my system and recommend memory modules. According to Crucial the A100-027 will support 2

  • Equium A100-027: Is it possible to upgrade the graphic card? Updated:10-11

    I recently received an Equium A100-027 for my birthday. Overall I'm extremely pleased with it, however the only problem I have is with the graphics card. I am a gamer, and the graphics card just can't handle most modern games. I am looking into how t

  • Equium A100-027 PSAAQ - having problems accessing Internet with WLan Updated:10-11

    Just installed WXP on my Equium A100-027 (PSAAQ) as Vista did not like. Now am having problems accessing Internet. What drivers do I need to download and how do I install them? Thanks.Hi, I would suggest you to check the driver site of toshiba -> htt

  • ALC-WKS-007-027 problem Updated:11-30

    Hi, I met a ALC-WKS-007-027. Here's server log. It seems a invokation exception. Could anyone help on this? Thanks in advance. xception: ALC-DSC-003-000: com.adobe.idp.dsc.DSCInvocationException: Invocation error. incomingMessage: Flex Message (flex.

  • Error: ALC-WKS-007-027 when try to open the form after converting its process to short-lived Updated:11-30

    Hello, We have converted some of these long-lived processes to short-lived processes since they do not contain "Assign Task". After the converting users start to get the error: "Error occurred during the operation. ID 2547 ALC-WKS-007-027&q

  • An error occurred during the operation (endpoint id 842). (ALC-WKS-007-027) Updated:11-30

    In the log file I get this: 2 errors with the message: "No scheduler found with name IDPSchedulerService"; the stack dump says this: "tack Dump = com.adobe.idp.event.exception.EventCreateException: Event for event-type TaskCreated cannot be

  • ALC-WKS-007-027 error - java.lang.ClassCastException Updated:11-30

    Hi I've seen a few references to this error on the forums but I have encountered a variation that does not appear to be covered. When I try invoking a process from workspace I get the error dialog showing the ALC-WKS-007-027 error and when I look at

  • Error ALC-WKS-007-027 Invocation error Updated:11-30

    Hi All, I'm facing a problem, What i did was.  I took an archive from a properly working process on server A and imported it on the server B.  I have done end point configurations also.  I have configured Service Management everything.  Now my proble

  • ALC-WKS-007-027 error while loading PDF form Updated:11-30

    Hello, I have created a process to load pdf form. When I invoke the process on woekbench, it works.   But when I tried to load it on workspace, the workspace showed "An error occured during the opeartion (endpoint id 2601). (ALC-WKS-007-027)" Th

  • Is possible to run XDK 9i on AIX? Error  XSQL-027 comes up! Updated:11-30

    Running a simple XSQL file with the command-line utility xsql against the database (8.1.7 Standard) ends in: xsql-027: Failed to load oracle.xml.actions.XSQLIncludeOWAHandler class for built-in xsql: include-owa action xsql-004: Could not acquire a d

  • Excessive runtime on RFEBGB00 (FF.5) after patching to 027 Updated:11-30

    We are running 4.7 Enterprise, on solaris 9, oracle Over the weekend, we patched the application layer to 027 from 026. This has increased the Import of the Electronic Bank Statement by almost ten-fold! Admittedly it is a larger than average

  • Need WXP Sound Card driver for Equium A100-027 Updated:11-30

    I recently purchased a Equium A100-027 and cannot get the sound card to work. I have WXP SP2 running on the machine and have downloaded the driver off Toshiba, but no joy. The laptop was originally provided with Vista but I could not get the drivers

  • JAXR.UDDI.027: Multiple Schemes matching name pattern Updated:11-30

    What does that error mean? I'm trying to browse a UDDI repository using JAXR and I when I execute this line: ClassificationScheme scheme = bqm.findClassificationSchemeByName(null, "naics"); I get the error identified in the subject. I think the

  • Scanner Warning 027 unable to read the sequence .... Updated:11-30

    we have zen 7 sp1 etc... some of the workstation inventory logf have the following error : Scanner Warning 027 unable to read the sequence number from the workstation object i have deleted the edir object, and wait for recreating and new scan.... but

  • Scanner(Warning) : 027: Unable to read the sequence number from the Workstation object. Updated:11-30

    Hi We are having trouble storing inventory scans from some workstations. We have a windows ONLY environment, with middle tier servers. (ZEN65SP1, W2KSP4). Some workstations are storing fine. The Storer function is working and we can see the storer fu

  • 027: Unable to read the sequence number from the Workstation object Updated:11-30

    Environment: NW 6.5 sp4 Zen 6.5 sp1 We had a problem with our inventory server processing .STR files a couple months ago - had to turn off inv. policies on workstations while we resolved it. Now it's resolved and we're running inventory again. We hav

  • Error BORGR 027 and 093 on DESADV Idoc Updated:11-30

    Hi experts, I have a problem wit the Idoc for message type DESADV. I get errors BORGR 027 and 093 (status 51) on ibound Idoc. It seems that something in the delivery is missing, cause it seems to look for a PO with POSNR 00000, and clearly can't find

  • Reason for getting ORCL-027 Error Updated:11-30

    hi, i have configured my iPlanet Apps Server with Oracle.....and when i try to run my Application i get an message as " error: ORCL-027: CreateConn: failed to create connection ". can anyone explain me as to what can be done to solve this issue.

  • Error HRBEN00INFOTYPES 027 Updated:11-30

    Hi, I am getting the error message "Record for spouse overlaps with record for domestic partner" on executing function module HR_INFOTYPE_OPERATION. SAP standard message is thrown with the following details: TYPE: E ID: HRBEN00INFOTYPES Num: 027