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  • Printing Issues with HP OfficeJet 100 and Windows 8.1 Updated:10-11

    We use HP OfficeJet 100 mobile printers and have a printing issue.When we print the printer acts as if it is going to print and then prints one blank page.Printer will not print even though it is showing as default printer.Printer will just stop prin

  • HP ENVY 100 D410 Printing issues... Updated:10-11

    I have an HP ENVY 100 that has recently started having printing issues.  We recently upgraded to Mountain Lion and had no problems in the upgrade nor have we had any other software that we've changed.  The problem seems to be somewhat random and the

  • New airport extreme and printer issues Updated:10-11

    OK here is the deal I have the new airport and a hp psc 750 printer. I have a new macbook which can not print on this printer. It will recognize it thru bonjour but will not install the driver - the odd thing is that I have a pc connected directly an

  • Printing issue Updated:10-11

    I just replaced my b/w cartridge which was working for about 10 copies and now trying to print a colored copy and while the color print is fine, the black ink is coming out blurry/smudged.     The screen indicates "Print cartridge problem  (Black) Re

  • Need help diagnosing cause of printing issue w/ image distortion Updated:10-11

    Hello, I'm looking for some expert advice for my print issue with image distortion (see above) on my files once setup and proofed by my printer. I have a large PSD background file out of photoshop (CMYK, 170mb psd) that is being placed into an InDesi

  • Auto adjustment of page orientation causes printing issues with documents that have a page width greater than its page height. Updated:10-11

    Hi, Since an upgrade from Word 2003 to Word 2010, we are experiencing printing issues with certain documents that have a page width greater than its page height. In Word 2003, it was no problem to set the page width greater than the page height while

  • Remote Desktop Connection and printing issues Updated:10-11

    Hi,  I am using Windows 7 on my desktop and also connected to Windows Server 2008 R2 to run applications in Windows Server. However, I noted there is problem with the printer issues. Sometimes, when I tried to print some documents using applications

  • Firmware upgrade?? Printing Issues?? HP Designjet Z6100ps Updated:10-11

    I have a Designjet purchase as a demo in 1/2008. The last firmware upgrade that is currently installed is GG-GG_9.0.0.4. I am having printing issues where it prints about 4" of my prints from Apogee Printdrive (which comes from a windows computer) an

  • Hp laserjet pro mfp m126nw printing issues in windows server 2008 r2 standard Updated:10-11

    hp laserjet pro mfp m126nw printing issues in windows server 2008 r2 standard printer  installed but print not coming ... please give me solutions of this problemgo to may help resolve the issue. Give Kudos to say "thanks&q

  • HP Printer issue after installing Mountain Lion Updated:10-11

    Hi, a few days ago I posted the following question regarding a printer issue and so far I have not been able to fix the problem.  Here's the original question and I will  continue the explanation after this.... Hi, I am a fairly new iMac owner and I

  • HP Deskjet 3056A Printing issue Updated:10-11

    I have recently uninstalledf and reinstalled my all in one printer due to scanning and printing issues.  I have fixed the scanning issue BUT the printing side of things STILL NOTHING. I have cleaned, aligned, ect... I HAVE INK lol but NOTHING is prin

  • HP Officejet 4500 Wireless Printing Issues with Online Maps & Financial Institutions Updated:10-11

    I have an HP Officejet 4500 Wireless printer that I have wireless connection to my HP G72 Laptop running Windows 7 (64 bit) with Internet Explorer 9.  I am having trouble printing online maps from either Bing Maps or Google Maps.  It seems the print

  • Printing issues with HP 310a All in One Printer Updated:10-11

    I have a new HP 310a.  Looks good, fast on text printing, but features such as merged envelopes and printing letters on A5 stationery do not print correctly; nor in correct order.  Photos print larger than they actually are and look like they need to

  • Printing issues in Windows 8.1 Updated:10-11

    Hello, I work for a company and we have a number of network printers shared, when we connect to a network printer it installs the driver and everything is fine and normally this is the end of it but recently I have one user who is having print issues

  • HP OfficeJet 2544 Windows 8.1 Printing Issue Updated:10-11

    Hi there, I am having a frustrating problem with my HP OfficeJet 2544.  It happens all the time if I want to print anything more than one or two pages, and it only happens to me on my Desktop PC (i.e. my wife's laptop doesn't experience the issue). W

  • Printing issue with Electronic Signatures Updated:10-11

    In the footer of my document, i place document properties and also use the captioning feature for tables and figures. I have saved it in native 2010 format not in a compatability mode. When I print my document (paper or PDF) these fields print proper

  • Printing issues in production Updated:10-11

    Hello, I We are having some printing issues with the term contract (ME21N) in production although everything is working fine in all other systems. I created a new term contract in production and when saved it stayed in my spool and failed to print im

  • Print issue with Photoshop CS4 and Officejet 6500 Updated:10-11

    I have a Windows 7 Business 64 bits desktop computer. After  installing the Officejet Pro 6500 multifunctional drivers all was  working OK. Images were being printed nice and with the correct size  using Windows print option. After installing Adobe C

  • Reader 10.1.3 Kyocera Print Issue Updated:10-11

    Hello, we are experiencing an Print-Issue in one of our field offices in Austria. After we deployed Acrobat Reader 10.1.3 (from 9.5) the employees in this Office were no longer able to print on an Kyocera FS-C5015N(via Network), when they try to prin

  • Print Issue in VS 2010 Crystal Report Version Updated:10-11

    Hi Friends, I am new user for SAP crystal report, can any one help me for Print Issue in VS 2010 Crystal Report Version must be True Type and on the WEB server where the report is being processed. Run Process Monitor and see if your ap