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  • How to add fields to already loaded cube or dso and how to fill records in Updated:10-11

    how to add fields to already loaded cube or dso and how to fill  it.can any one tell me the critical issues in data loading process..?This is sensitive task with regards to large volumes of data in infoproviders. The issue is to reload of data in cas

  • How to ADD field in iview ? Updated:10-11

    hi, in portal-iview i want to add a field. when i go to 'portal-content -> open the iview with right click -> preview' and then do ctrl-alt-right-mouse click i got to the customizing of the fields. i know how to HIDE fields there, but i don't know h

  • How to add fields to Structure in Report Painter Updated:10-11

    Hi All, We have a requiremnt where we need to add 2 fields ( profit center-PRCTR & description-CEPCT-LTEXT ) to structure CCSS. This structure is attached to library 1VK. Is it possible to add fields directly to a structure or do I need to create a n

  • How to add fields in a z table Updated:10-11

    hi experts ! i have to add a new fields to an already existing Z table. how can i add field? do i have to delete all other entries and create new ones so that the entry in the new field also gets created.? akankshaHi, You have two options to enter da

  • Add fields to Existing DSO and DS in R/3 Updated:10-11

    Hi Friends, I have got to change my LO datasource which is running on production, 2lis_va_vatim, i need to add 2 fields to the exisitng DS from Comm Stru, so could anyone point me inthe right direction, Hoow to Add the fields with out disturbing the

  • Add fields in KOB2 & KSB2 report in selection screen as well as output Updated:10-11

    Dear All, I have an issue in which i have to add fields in KOB2 & KSB2 report. i need to add below fields to KSB2 report. 1) Internal order 2) Vendor 3) Purchasing group I also need to add profit centre in selection screen for KSB2 Similarly for KOB2

  • How to add field to the header for FBL5N ALV report Updated:10-11

    Hi,    I need to add fields to the customer line item display ALV report(FBL5N) header part.Right now there are four fields in the header like customer, company code, name and city, after that I need to add first name last name and phone no. Can any

  • Can you add fields that are manually maintained. Updated:10-11

    I'd like to be able to add fields to my MAP Toolkit's inventory. For example, adding Asset and Warranty fields, to keep track of this information. I'd be maintaining the data manually, which is fine since it doesn't change very often. Is there a way

  • How to add fields in custom infotype and update its screens Updated:10-11

    Hi Experts     I want to enhance a custom infotype ( Add some new fields, and add special function on its screen). This custom infotype is created in previous release.   is there any way to add fields in infotype? and let system automatcailly modify

  • How can i add field to screen exit ? Updated:10-11

    ver 4.7 trans.  me21n add field in screen exit . i implement screen exit MM06E005->SAPMM06E->0111 in the layout i try to add field  by pressing button in the toolbar ( dictionary field window ) , but when i press "save" in me21n  , i get m

  • Urgent: Add field in generic data source Updated:10-11

    Hi, Could anyone please help me out in resolving the issue to add field from different table in generic datasource. How can I add it in R/3 data source when a function module was created in ABAP to generate fields from PLPO table? Whatz the changes h

  • How to control attributes in 'Add Fields' in af:query Advance mode Updated:10-11

    Hi, The VO attributes those set Queriable=false doesn't appear in the Add Fields dropdown in ad:query advance mode. But I have few attributes in a VO those required to use in VO query so I cannot set those attrbutes Queriable as false. Also observed

  • How to Add fields in dynamic selection LDB BRF Updated:10-11

    Hi All, I have requirement to add a field BSEG-ZLSCH in Logical Database BRF dynamic selection. I have tried doing the same by using below mentioned link but its not appearing in the report dynamic selection screen

  • Add Fields in Operations Maintenance Order Updated:10-11

    Hi Experts, I want to Add field in Operations on tab Enhancement for 200 Characters Field. Is that possible?If that possible, what user exit can be used? Thank you for the helpful answer. Best Regrads, Bernardus JaluDear Bernardus If you want to add

  • Add fields in Drilldown customer reporting open items Updated:10-11

    Hello, I have made a copy of the standard Drill down report 0SAPDUEAN-01,but I want to add fields that are not in the pooll list (like Reference - BKPF-XBLNR) or Assignment (BSEG-ZUONR). How can I do this? Any help will be rewarded Best regards, Vict

  • Add fields in delivery report (ROIGSD01) in TD. Updated:10-11

    Dear Expert, Anyone knows how can i add fields in the report ROIGSD01? the one which I use to get the deliverys in TD I already added the fields in the ROIGSD01_ITEM_ALV structure, but I could not find the user-exit to fill this fields. anyone made i

  • Add field from structure maintanace option for datasource in LBWE (BI 7) Updated:10-11

    Hi, while i try to add extra field (transaction:LBWE for data source(ex 2lis_02_itm)) from structure maintance option to add field from structure(MCEKKO) to res data source(MC02M_0ITM) , than it moves to left side but when make enter message comes th

  • I need to add fields in additional fields B the sales order line item Updated:10-11

    i  need to add fields in additional fields B beside the field (icon_val_quantity_ structure) in the sales order line item, How to achicve this? please help me..Please fined the below solution for achieving your requirement. 1. Add new filed "B"

  • Add Fields from table ADRC (Fields Name 1 to 4) for Open Item Processing Updated:10-11

    Hi SAP Expert: Our client requires vendor/customer name to be displayed in the open item processing line layout for transaction code f-58, so they can double check if the vendor name is complete as intended.  We intend to add fields from table ADRC i

  • Need to Add field EKET-EINDT and EKET-SLFDT to ME2M Report output in ALV Updated:10-11

    Hi All, I need to add fields EKET-EINDT and EKET-SLFDT to the output of program ME2M Transaction. I have appended the structure MEREP_OUTTAB_PURCHDOC with these fields. and it is coming in the ALV output field catalog. I need these fields output only