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  • Request better support skin tone evaluation/measurement Updated:10-11

    Hello. I am writing this with the intention that it will be read by the folks at Adobe that are involved in the development of Lightroom. I'm pretty new to this forum, however, and I'm a little confused about whether this feature requests thread actu

  • Skin Tones Look Wrong When Printing From iPhoto Updated:10-11

    Hi I'm having trouble getting the caucasian skin tones to look right on photos printed with my Epson Stylus C86 printer on Epson Premium Semigloss paper. They look too pinky/purple when compared with the screen of the Sony DSC camera I shot them with

  • Changing skin tones with adjustment layer fails Updated:11-30

    Hi, I am running PS CC 2014 and all I want to do is to adjust a skin tone to match it to the rest of the bodys skin color. I have watched some videos on YouTube but my PS doesnt seem to work that way and I wonder why. My workflow: Copy background lay

  • Skin tones turn putty after opening in ACDSee & Picasa Updated:11-30

    After I export my pictures from Lightroom and save to a folder, I have noticed that skin tones that look wonderful in Lightroom look dreadful in ACDSee and Picasa. They are a dull putty. Actually some landscapes are much darker there too than they ar

  • Color correction on magenta skin tones / white shirt Updated:11-30

    I want to color correct a shot that is very blue/ magenta. I would like the skin tones to be less magenta and more orange/yellow. I get the best results by adding yellow on the Midtones and Shadows. My problem is that the Highlights are going yellow,